Elements Of Art MAde By: Alvin Yee


A line is a mark

Created from brush, pencil, stick, and pen

It has length and width


A shape is an area

Contained within lines, color, or value changes

Can be geometric or free form


Form has value and mass

Three dimensional objects that take up space

Are viewed from many angles


A color depends on light

Whiter the light, the truer the color

Primary hues: yellow, red, blue


Value has light and dark

Contrast helps us understand two dimensional art

Value creates shadows and illuminations


Texture artwork has surface quality

Texture helps us feel environment and nature

Natural objects often emphasize texture


Space is three dimensional value

Can be empty or filled with objects

Has width, height, and depth

Created By
Alvin Yee


Created with images by dschmieding - "VV_WatercolorPack01_20" • Julien.Belli - "Lines" • fdecomite - "Deltoidal hexecontahedron" • dgbury - "3d" • LoggaWiggler - "substances colorful color" • Avia Venefica - "Giant Lightbulb (drawing project)" • xJason.Rogersx - "texture" • Pexels - "parking parking deck parking lot"

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