hoop dreams Film Adaptation Analysis

http://dvdpanache.blogspot.com/2008/06/blood-on-basketball.html https://borizjerseys.com/products/arthur-agee-11-john-marshall-metropolitan-high-school-yellow-basketball-jersey-hoop-dreamshttps://borizjerseys.com/products/arthur-agee-10-st-joseph-high-school-red-basketball-jersey-hoop-dreams http://www.borizsportsjersey.com/blog-closet-full-of-jerseys/2016/1/29/isiah-thomas-11-push- excel-pro-basketball-classic-basketball-jersey Arthur Agee is a very complex character. in the movie and in the book he shows some differences. in the movie he says that he loves school and he loves basketball and the he takes them both very seriously but in the book it doesn't seem to be that way. in the movie he shows respect for his family, school, and basketball. In the book he acts like he doesn't care. he seems mad at his parents all the time and he doesn't care about his school work. and hes not real serious about basketball. He just appears to be a silly kid that not taking anything seriously. in the movie he talks about going to the NBA and going to college and buying really nice things for his parents but in the book hes just a silly kid who doesn't seem to care and hes kind of rude to his parents and doesn't respect them even though hes not got the best family life, hes still just not really kind and respectful to them.
https://es.pinterest.com/explore/william-gates-basketball/ William Gates is very similar in the book as he is in the movie. Hes a very serious kid who takes his big opportunity seriously. In the book he takes everything seriously and is very serious about basketball and is willing to put up with all the crap he has just so he can play with this good coach and team. In the movie it kind of seems like hes more of a chill guy and is a little different than he appeared in the book. He just appeared to not be as collected in the movie. In the book he just seems so set on basketball and school and family, but in the movie its like its all about basketball and nothing else.
http://www.filmspotting.net/forum/index.php?topic=5672.140 Bo Agee is Arthur Agees father. in the book, it talks about Bo's life. hes got a lot of problems with drugs and things and with the police. and the book goes into detail with all of Bo's struggles. But in the film it doesn't talk about Bo's problems very much. the film barley talks about it at all. in the book it talks about all of his major drug problems and his troubles with the law and everything but in the film it just mentions it for a quick second, but its really a big part of the story and i think that the film should have made it a bigger deal to talk about it more.
https://thedissolve.com/features/oral-history/360-an-oral-history-of-hoop-dreams-20-years-after-its-/?page=all Coach Pingatore is a great man. he cares deeply about his kids and he wants all of them to not only be successful in basketball but he wants them to be successful in life as well. In the book he does everthing that he can to help Arthur and William. he drives them home some days, he helps them with basketball. In the movie it shows him working with them and talking to them about how school comes before basketball and how he wants them to become better men than better basketball players. the book shows him caring for them but not as much as the movie does. The movie really shows how much he works with the kids and how much time and effort he puts in just to make sure that the kids become successful people.

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