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The Constitution of the United States became a symbol of freedom to America. The writers of the Constitution made a representative government, based on these 6 basic principals: popular sovereignty, limited government, separation of powers, federalism, checks and balances,and representative government. The Constitution has now lasted more than 200 years!

  • Section 1 - Popular Sovereignty:

The people are the only source of governments power. In the preamble it states ' We the people ".

Limited Government:

Government only has the powers that the constitution gives it. It limits the term of the president, power of congress and the states.

Separation of powers:

Power divided into three branches. (Judicial, Legislative, Executive) Branches.

Checks and balances:

Each branch of government can limit the power of the other two. House of representatives can impeach the president. The president can make treatys with other nations, all treatys must be approved by 2/3 of the senate.


Power is shared among the federal government and the states. The states can make money, and enter into a federation.

Representative Government:

Citizens elect representatives to make laws. Each state chooses delegates to the electoral college. To vote for the president


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