Hugo Chavez By Justin Witmer

Hugo Chavez

How is Chavez Important in Latin America ?

He was a political leader who was president of Venezuela until death. When first elected, he wrote up a new constitution and seemed destined to take Venezuela down the same path as Cuba. As a result, he formed the ABLA, a political and economic alliance. He was for the most of his, presidency, popular among the Venezuelans. This was due to the fact that he attempted to reform the country.

Map of Venezuela

How is Hugo Chavez related to the 8 themes of world history ?

One way was the theme of revolution. Before Chavez was in power, he ran a coup. He failed and was thrown in jail, only to announce that he would be back. He was eventually pardoned. The other way Chavez is related to the 8 themes of world history is that he was an economical reformer, thus falling into economics. He turned the country upside down reforming it, even to the point of total control of the nation's oil production.


"Mutual respect! That's what it takes to be friends."

Hugo Chavez

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Created with images by www_ukberri_net - "Hugo_Chavez_in_Guatemala" • Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "Mapa ecológico de Venezuela que demuestra las zonas naturales, los cultivos, las vías de comunicación y los principales centros mineros, etc."

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