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VISION STATEMENT - E.S.I KIDS aims to develop the whole child, by nurturing emotional intelligence, social intelligence, enriching IQ, and providing the opportunities for students to become lifelong learners.

Founder of E.S.I Kids - Ms Pamela Seagal

Our Inception - Founder, Pamela Seagal, conceived the E.S.I Kids curriculum as a curriculum developer and facilitator through her students and training teachers in Asia. She noticed that students are happier and perform academically when they can 'think, feel and learn'.

Nurturing Emotionally, Socially Intelligent Kids - It is a child who is happy, positive, and motivated. It is founding self-confidence, and the language ability to express thoughts and opinions confidently. It is growing acceptance of the diversity found in a global world. It is learning to communicate effectively.

Experiential & Active Learning - "I think, I feel and I learn" - is the best way to describe how our students not only boost their IQ, but build on their social and emotional resilience in the learning process. A creative and purposeful play environment captures minds and hearts so students do more than just listen; they must think, discuss, and be participants in their learning. Students learn practical, everyday Emotional vocabulary to encourage effortless communication in daily living. Such experiences creates happy and well-balanced children.

IQ Alone Isn't Enough! - Does your school have the winning formula?

IQ alone isn’t enough! – Beyond students’ academic performance, the need to be emotionally literate assures a child is school ready. School readiness in the 21st Century means becoming emotionally literate to manage stressors at home and in school, independently solve problems, critically think of solutions, effectively communicate feelings and opinions and being a resilient team player.

The Winning Formula

Do you know what is Emotional Literacy? It is the ability to recognise, understand, and appropriately express emotion. Just as verbal literacy is the basic building block for reading and writing, emotional literacy is the basis for perceiving and communicating emotions. Becoming emotionally literate is learning the alphabet, grammar and vocabulary of our emotional lives. When your students are emotionally literate they not only improve academically, but, they become 21st century learners who are happier and well-grounded.

My heart is smiling - I do my best!
Our E.S.I Kids in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Jakarta.

Our Success - Since we started in 2008 as a voluntary effort to train the teachers in the long-neck village in Mae Hong Son a province in northern Thailand, to the present, our programme has been used in established early childhood institutions in Singapore including the government chain My First Skool (MFS) and People's Community Foundation (PCF). In 2015, kindergartens in Penang, Malaysia and at the present in Jakarta count us as their collaborators. Over eight thousand students can now 'Think, Feel and Learn'. In 2018, we would like to broach the continuity of offering our programme in early childhood institutions in Jakarta and also internationally. We are currently developing our curriculum in terms of teacher's guide books and student activity books to share our learning approach and philosophy with interested students and schools across the globe.

Our programme facilitates the following for our students:

  • Achieving good grades and a love for learning
  • Nurturing emotional and social resilience
  • Enhancing confidence in communicating feelings and ideas
  • Improving conversational English
  • Fostering creative and innovative thinking
  • Solving problems and coping with school stress
  • Developing a positive attitude and self-motivation
  • A safe space for learning, making mistakes and growing
  • Building a team spirit and cooperation
Does your school have the Winning Formula? Contact us to find out more!

How can we work with you? Please contact us at 'info@seagaleducation.com' to find out more on our programming. Visit us a www.esikids.com. Find out how we can enhance your school's Winning Formula even further. Join our family of school owners who share our winning formula in nurturing teachers and students who 'think, feel and learn'. Contact us!

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