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ABOVE PHOTO: Headliner Lil B performs at HOCO Fest on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018, at Hotel Congress. Lil B started off his set with the classic single, "YMCA." Alexandra Pere | The Daily Wildcat

Celebrating the vibrant cultures of the borderlands

This fall, artists from around the world made their way to Tucson to as part of HOCO Fest 2018, a festival at Hotel Congress dedicated to celebrating music and culture both locally and globally that ran from Aug. 29 through Sept. 2.

"This year is different because they got some pretty big acts this year, like Andrew WK. I really appreciate how Congress has gone out and found artists that put out a more positive message."– Scott Eichling, security guard

RIGHT: A crowd gathers close to the mainstage at Hoco Fest on Thursday in Tucson, Ariz. Headliner Lil B came on to perform some classic singles like "YMCA" at the beginning of his set. Alexandra Pere | The Daily Wildcat

"The energy here is very passionate. I think people should come because it opens your eyes to different people and different cultures and what others are listening to."– Ali Dollar

LEFT: Underground pop star MHYSA performs at HOCO Fest on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018. MHYSA is a self-proclaimed queer black diva from Prince George's County, Maryland. Alexandra Pere The Daily Wildcat

"Everything was flawless, just being able to do this show for the city that raised us is a beautiful thing. Great music, a good atmosphere, and good people."– Uncle Bernie, Representing West Side Tucson

RIGHT: Marshstepper performs dark techno at Hoco Fest in Tucson, Ariz. on Thursday, Aug 30, 2018. This group is known for its artistic experimentation, sometimes wearing masks, shrieking into the microphone and using only red light during their sets. Alexandra Pere | The Daily Wildcat

The festival has showcased Tucson musicians for 13 years and has recently expanded to including international performers from Europe, Canada and Mexico. A few of the artists included Bad Gyal from Spain, S.H.I.T. from Toronto, Dean Blunt from London and Latin artists from the Mexican Institute of Sound.

"We're basically trying to represent our city and the people that come from this city. The atmosphere was amazing and it was nice to have my brothers performing with me. Being able to share my energy with my fellow companions." – Ojala System

LEFT: Underground pop star MHYSA performs at the HOCO music festival at Hotel Congress. MHYSA is a "pop star for the cyber resistance" from Prince George's County, Maryland. Alexandra Pere The Daily Wildcat

TOP LEFT: NGHTCRWLR performs at the HOCO Fest in Tucson, Ariz. at Hotel Congress on Thursday. She performed in an all black outfit while kneeling in front of a strobe light. TOP RIGHT: Underground pop star MHYSA performs at Hotel Congress. BOTTOM LEFT: MHYSA, from Prince George's County, Maryland, sings to her fans at HOCO Fest 2018. BOTTOM RIGHT: Roxanne Chappell, 28, dances to one of the headliners at the Hoco music festival in Tucson, Ariz. Chappelle and her friend were excited to see Lil B. Alexandra Pere | The Daily Wildcat

This is only the second year the festival has been rebranded into an international destination event. Last year's international focus included musical artists from Orlando, Virginia, New York, London and Berlin.

"I like this event a lot because its local, it spans over several days and I think it's a good value. I mean you get to see a ton of music for a good price." – Charlie Oyu

RIGHT: L.A. based vocalist Anjelica performs at Hoco Fest on Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018 in Tucson, Ariz. Anjelica stayed in Tucson for the Thursday night performance of NGHTCRWLR. Alexandra Pere | The Daily Wildcat

“At the end of the day it really brings eclectic and diverse groups of people together and that's kind of what Hotel Congress is all about.” – Matt Baquet, director of the festival and talent buyer at Hotel Congress

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