Skype for Business

What is Skype for Business?

Skype for business is powerful way to instantly communicate with your colleagues on campus and other people around the world. With the click of a button you can open a text chat, make a voice or video call, or even start an online meeting. Skype for Business makes online communication more collaborative and engaging. You can use Skype for Business from nearly any computer or mobile device, on campus or anywhere in the world you have Internet access.

Key features

  • Choose how you want to communicate—through text chat, voice call or video call, online meeting or conference.
  • Skype for Business can be used on PCs, laptops, Macs, tablets and smartphones.
  • Skype for Business makes your University telephone number mobile, using the Skype for Business software on your mobile, tablet or laptop lets you take your extension number with you.
  • You can use Skype for Business to make contact with anyone who either uses Skype or Skype for Business in other organisations via federation and you can text chat, audio and video call with them too.
  • See if your contacts are available, in a meeting or away from their desk.
  • Send and share files with simple drag and drop functionality.
  • Start an impromptu video conference with the click of a button.
  • Record your Skype for Business meetings for those that can't attend to view at a later date.
  • Schedule online meetings for up to 250 participants using Outlook—even if they don’t have Skype for Business.
  • Easily share a PowerPoint presentation, whiteboard or your entire desktop during an online meeting, and collaborate in real time on content you present.


Skype for Business synchronises with your Outlook calendar to provide other Skype for Business and Outlook users with an indication of your availability. Using your outlook calendar as a starting point, it will let people know if you are busy or available depending on the events in your calendar, you can also set your availability via the Skype for Business client, or finally it will pick up if you have used your PC / device recently and will reflect this back to others.

Instant Messaging

Check if someone is available and start an IM, This is much quicker than an email and saves time waiting for a response. You can also send files using the Skype for Business client; this can come in very handy. All of your IM messages are saved in a folder within Outlook called Conversation History, so you can always look back at these if you need to find a key piece of information. From the chat window you can add in video, an audio call or present a program or your desk top with the other participant.


Do you often have to work from home, but still need to be contactable? With Skype for business you can take your University telephone extension with you, using either the client on a PC, laptop or Mac, an app on a Windows Phone, Android, or an iOS device, anyone can contact you simply by dialing your usual work telephone number. You can also use the telephone facility within Skype for Business to call, no matter where you are, as long as you are connected to the internet.

From an audio call you can add video, or start to present a program or your desktop

Video Calling

Quickly change your standard voice call into a video chat, allowing the ability to see the person you are calling. You can also add multiple people into the video call. Now you don't have to use third party applications to have a video call, simply use the Skype for Buisness client and invite your colleagues to join in.


When you are in a Skype for Business meeting you can present to all the other connected users the following options, your full desktop, great if you need to show more than one application. A single program, this can be any program that you have on your device. At any time when you are presenting you can give control of the content to an attendee, so then can make any amendments. As the program remains on your device, you can take back control at any time and save the amendments made. You can present a PowerPoint presentation, the user will see your finished PowerPoint, but you can see any notes you have added to the PowerPoint. You can add a whiteboard to the session, which anyone in the meeting can add content to. All users can save the whiteboard at the end of the session.


You can create polls to gauge opinion whilst you are within a Skype for Business Meeting

Outlook Meetings

What we have shown so far has been ad-hoc meetings and collaboration via the Skype for Business client, however, you can arrange more formal meetings, simply send a meeting invite to anyone, including those not within the University and their device will decide the best means of joining the meeting. Within a Skype for Business meeting invite, you will find details of how to join online or via a telephone handset. Click Join Skype for Business Meeting and your device will check for the client or the app to open and if either of these are not available it will open a web browser. If the user only wants to join in on the telephone conversation and not the full user experience, they can join via a telephone conference, simply be dialling the number and entering the conference ID provided in the meeting details. You can also record your Skype for Business meeting, so if anyone is unable to attend the can view the recording at a later date. This is great for creating webinars or recording lectures.

What next?

We will send an email shortly with further information regarding demonstration and training sessions as well as on-line resources and the all important date when the service will be live.

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