Thomas Jefferson In todays world

What would Jefferson be like in today's world? What would he do? What would he be involved with?

In this world, if Jefferson was around right now, I think he would be involved with many things, but he would still be a government figure in my opinion.

Thomas Jefferson has many interests and he did many things. What stands out to me though is how diverse his interests are. If he were alive today, he would have to be a president, as he is so influential, but also he would have the power to put his ideas into action.

Thomas would probably be quite a good president todays time. He would be evolved with many things, like climate change, international relations, and ways to progress our country.

It would also be interesting to see what Thomas could now accomplish with today technological advancements. Considering back when he was actually president, how many things he did for the country, what could he do now? Could he possibly end the wars and fights with the middle east? Could he reestablish peace with foreign countries, and solve many of americas problems, including our debt?

I would compare Thomas Jefferson with bill gates because of how many great things they both have accomplished in life. Both bill and Thomas have made great contributions to science, but yet also exceeded in there own line of work. That is who I would compare to Thomas Jefferson.

Overall I think Thomas Jefferson is a great man. He did so much for our country and really set the USA up with a better future. Thomas did many things like set up public colleges, be president, invent gadgets, and by far the most important has to be writing the declaration of independence. This article he wrote made us an independent country, and installed many of his beliefs to the Americans. If TJ we around in our time, He'd be doing exactly what he did back then, trying to make a difference in his country and for his country.


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