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Week 6 Update

  • Issued Service Work: Last week we saw the Sky Q Service Team issued 93.1% of all service work and 87.2% of all Sky Q Service work. The goal each week is to be have the team issued above 90% for each.
  • Completions: Sky Q service call completions fell last week, when compared to previous weeks. However we saw similar loses in the control group S01A (North River Thames).
  • Revisits: As mentioned last week, little early for 30 day Revisits. We should see our first week of data next week, so look out for that. In terms of 7 day Revisits, these have started to trend down from week 38. Which was when we inducted the majority of the team to the trial. Great work and a real positive steps in the right direction.
  • NPS: Again as above with Revisits, it's still early in the trial to see a clear picture with NPS. However early trends show a real positive step with NPS up 12 points on pre trial. Number of survey's are relatively low so far, which can make this volatile in either direction. Great work so far though !

Sharing/ Supporting :

  • Sharing what we are doing, is vital to all taking part on the trial, but also the wider group. So please continue to share learning as we go and use the Learnt New survey to capture these. Click on button below: (Learnt New)

What have we learnt together this week:

STB Position: We have had a few instances this week where mini boxes were strapped to the back of the TV (as shown below, on one of Lee Redhead customers). This is known to cause interference, when the box is to close to the TV's own circuit board/ connectors. Please advise customers this is not recommended and look to re position equipment. Lee re positioned this mini box and connectivity was improved.

  • Deck Phone: One of Stephen House customers were having interference when watching the F1 channel in UHD (didn't affect football). We couldn't mimic this at the time, with no F1 being broadcasted when onsite. Stephen suggested for the next race to move the deck phone if it re occurs. Customer texted on Sunday, to advise that this indeed cured the fault as soon as he moved the Deck Phone away.

Picture Resolution: One of Tomasz Skorek customers, was experiencing picture flickering on their TV. (See VT below). He lowered the picture settings on Sky box and TV and this resolved the customers problems. (note this was an older model TV)

What Else

  • IKnow2:  Over 100 Articles on IKnow2 have been updated recently, which will support us further in the field. This was aimed at making them easier to find, but more importantly easier to follow.
  • MR204 Article:  Which I shared in the week with you all, is very interesting and will guide you a lot clearer to some of the solutions. If you haven't had the chance to see this, please search MR204 on Iknow2.

Wireless Interference: Within the above article, you will find a link to the Wireless interference and 5 GHZ Channel settings. This article is extremely useful and in conjunction with the connectivity app, will support in identifying and resolving interference.

Blank Tiles: Some of our customers are experiencing blank tiles on OD/ Top Pick etc. Many off these we find solutions for. For the ones that you cannot resolve, can we please complete the surveys that can be found on the TV Status page under "Surveys".

EE have been of late a driver of these issue's, however it affects more providers than just EE. There is a work stream looking at giving us more advice going forward. As soon as I know more I will share. The issue is thought to be with the MTU Values of that router( Maximum Transmission Unit). This controls how much data is allowed to pass through the router. (Request that the customer speaks to their network provider, for instances we cannot resolve)

Surveys Responses

  • Surveys: 258 Surveys were completed last week, that's 69% of all Sky Q Service work. Please continue to complete a survey after each visit. A list of those below 60% has been sent to TM's in region's to understand why.
  • Ethernet: 19% of your visits required an Ethernet connection. Up 2 % on last week.
  • Call Centre: 12.7% could have been resolved by the call centre. Down 5% on last week.
  • Engineer Driven: 35% could have been resolved by the previous engineer. Down 2% on last week.
  • Q Swap: 25% of your visits we replaced a Q Product to fix the customers issue. This seems very high. By swapping the box we may not have resolved the problem permanently and the true fault could re appear. Lets ensure we get this "Right First Time" and check for underlying issues.

Pie chart showing what % of each product was swapped

  • CAT 5 Breakdown: Pie chart below shows where we CAT 5 connections took place.
  • MDU: In last week's newsletter we spoke about MDU and what we can do when we come across any potential problems. If you haven't had the chance to look yet, please check out the below article which featured last week.
  • We know it's a hugely frustrating time for our customer and us, when the problem is with their communal system and we cannot resolve in full. This does not stop us supporting them in getting to the right people and having the right information when they do.
  1. Please explain to the customer who they need to contact and why: Maintenance company/ Landlord/ Council.
  2. You could possibly support them in this call, while on site as you maybe able to explain better than them. Whilst it appears easy to us, it may not be for every customer
  3. Supply them with the information the Communal engineer may need. We have all had them customers in the past, which have been passed back and forth between Sky and their respective managing agent.
  4. Aziz Hakki had a great idea this week and sent his customer the below via email. This was to support them when liaising with the communal engineer/ company. It included the Data Logger with Pass/ Fail/ Marg for each transponder. This will now allow the customer to show the communal engineer where the fault lies and remove that ambiguity.
  • Aziz Hakki has put together a short instruction video (below) which will show you how easy it is to create this PDF and send to a customer. Great team work here !

If you've missed any previous weeks Newsletters, you can find these by clicking on below button

Feedback: We still require feedback from both TM's and Engineers on the trial. Please provide this by clicking on below links.

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