The term ERP

By definition , ERP means "Enterprise Resource Planning," which translates to "planning enterprise resources"; An ERP system is software that enables a company's employees to carry out their business plans using the resources available.

The ERP system - the unknown instrument

Incidentally, the question has its justification, because users of an ERP system often do not even know that they are working with a so-called ERP system. In the office everyday, the computer is started up in the morning and then the " SAP " or "Navision" or one of the over 300 other ERP systems is used. In everyday language, nobody calls the software "ERP system". The fewest users can answer the question: "With which ERP do you actually work in your company?", With which software they work daily; Of course, IT staff is excluded.

What is an ERP system?

An ERP system is the central software in a company that can be used to plan all business processes. In most cases, the ERP system is also grouped - via interfaces - with all other software. Each department enters data into the ERP system and can base its further planning (orders, reservations, approvals, etc.) on it.

Who can work with an ERP system?

As I said, an ERP can really come into play anywhere in a company. For example, in the sales department, which uses the ERP system to create its quotations and process orders; or in the production department that is manufacturingcan plan with the ERP system; The purchasing department uses the warehouse management module of the ERP system to monitor inventories, and the HR department uses the ERP system for human resources. The accounting department accesses the integrated financial accounting of an ERP system.IN ODOO ERP this is done by using ODOO implementation Of course, the access rights can be limited so that not every employee in the company can change the data of the other departments. The different departments usually only see their subarea of ​​the ERP system, only know their input masks. Naturally, all areas of an ERP system are available to management.

What is ERP software? Here you will find objective-objective ERP information, free of charge and without any obligation.

ERP software is understood to mean computer programs that allow all areas within a company to be planned and managed in a planning manner and by means of which all business processes can be optimally designed. Among other things, the following resources claimed by a company can be captured and managed: materials, manufacturing, logistics, human resources, sales, finance and storage.

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