Production Engineers, Producers & Session Musicians

Elle Bero (Uganda)

Voice, Top Lines

Smooth vocals & positive lyrics

Examples of choruses from Elle B's music collection

Black Dog SQ (Canada)

String Quartet

Example of Black Dog String Quartet's technical abilities

Mohammed Assani (UK)

Sitar, Sarod & More...

Ben King (UK)

Guitar and Songwriting

Plastic Acid (Canada)


Cary Pratt (Canada)

Drums, Percussion & More...

Sample pack collaboration between Michael Fraser & Cary Pratt

Michael Fraser (Canada)

Violinist, Remixer & More...

Creativity & Passion

Michael Fraser performing violin with his release, "Django Style"

Blessed San (Uganda)

Voice, Top Lines

Recent music video

Annie Becker (Canada)

Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting

Daniel Moir (Canada)

Voice, Acoustic & Electric Guitar