Reflective Log Journal 8 Shawn maiden

I had pretty much the whole week off instead of Thursday and Friday, so I couldn't do anything any other day but Thursday or Friday.

Thursday, today I had created the abilities for the main protagonist, Fire ball, ice spike, Boulder, Wind shield. What went well is all of these thing where greatly achieved and made a lot of things simple. Though what had went bad is I didn't have time to animated them all and had only done very few such as the fireball.

Boulder Attack
Fireball Attack
Ice Attack
Wind Shield

Friday, today was in fact a very long day, to me of course, I had completed all the animations for the characters (Bad guy) such as the attacks. the running, the dying and the actual attacks *Meaning the object the character uses* Though I was greatly depressed today and I've been doing nothing but feel even worse all day, I have also done all of the work that I had needed to do, to the point I feel exhausted, The only problem i have experienced today is the background image as I've had problems trying to do it.

Boss Attack One
Boss Stance
Boss Summon
Boss Attack Two

I would have liked to do more work this week, but I was greatly ill and due to that I couldn't work as much as I wanted to, though I couldn't do work at home too due to not having a computer or laptop.

I did not like how I hadn't been in much this week, though it can't be helped. The depression is a big concern too, I will try to fix that. However, I did like how I finally made the animations for the boss, this is a good start to finishing the game. And the attacks made where also amazing too due to the fact we can finally begin to make the character able to destroy things.

I wish I could have changed a majority of things within this week, such as the designs of the boss and the attack's while as the the fact I wasn't in for two whole days.

I feel like I could have came in to do more work within the week, so I'm not feeling so great about this week. Hopefully it improves within the future though and I'm sure it will.

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