Tour of the Harn Museum Eric Goreschak

This sculpture, from the Asian exhibit, was created by Cheiko Katsumata in 2012. When i saw this sculpture, I was blown away by how realistic it looked. I still do not understand how the artist made it look so much like real coral. While it looks nice in the picture, seeing it in person just gave me a whole another level of appreciation for the talent of the artist and the time they put into their project. This perfection of technique made me feel proud of humanity, because there is someone who was able to perfect their practice to such unbelievable precision.
I found the Asian wing of the Harn to be my favorite part of the museum. I believe this is because its extensive use of wood, open floor plan, and modern yet simplistic design. The shades of the lights reflecting off the wood made me feel very peaceful.
One of my core values is the belief that everyone needs a break from today's fast paced society. I believe they long strokes and bright colors of Motion Picture (Times Square), by Yvonne Jacquette, perfectly encapsulates the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Looking deeply into the picture makes me feel anxious because i start to think of all my responsibilities and commitments I have made in today's fast paced world.
This scenic painting of a classic Florida landscape truly resonated with me because it is nearly identical to the view i have behind my house. Sitting on my dock and looking out at the creek is one of my favorite things to do, and seeing this painting reminds me that we need to sustain the environment in order to sustain the good life, because so much of the good life comes from nature.

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