ICT4D - FROM INNOVATION TO IMPACT May 15 - 18, 2017 | Hyderabad, india


The ICT4D Conference brings together thought leaders from around the world to explore how innovation in technology is making a measurable difference in millions of people’s lives. This year the focus will be on using data to accelerate achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – creating a healthy, prosperous and just world. This hands-on opportunity to contribute SSG's experience, ideas, and solutions.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this toolkit is to highlight SSG Advisors' leadership in driving growth and expansion in frontier and emerging markets for technology clients. It showcases James Bernard, who will be speaking at the conference, as a thought leader when it comes to finding the right partners to accelerate expansion for ICT4D.

GOAL: To engage a wide range of ICT4D and private sector tech professionals, either attending the conference and/or interested in technology solutions.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Join the conversation by helping promote the event! Help spread the word by:

  1. Following the recommended timeline, the communications team will schedule content on SSG's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Your role is to share that content on your own personal accounts, with your network.
  2. At the event, you role will be to post before the event and live tweet during. When you do a live post, please make sure to tag the all primary and partner handles in this toolkit via the Twitter photo you choose from below.
  3. Use event hashtag & secondary hashtags in your posts/tweets.
  4. Use photos in your posts (see below) - and TAG organizations via the photos to reach greater audiences. They get more attention!
  5. We will be tracking the analytics over the next few weeks to see what is working/what is not. We appreciate you working with us. Thank you!


  • SSG Advisors establishes successful multi-stakeholder ICT4D partnerships as a means of fostering innovation, building economic growth, and driving development goals.
  • Showcase SSG’s experience in building partnerships in more than 50 countries, as well as "what it takes" to facilitate the intersection of international development and technology innovation, very different worlds that may not always be compatible.




@JaneDoe | Jane Doe, Director of Antler Media

@BobEgg | Bob Egg, Associate Professor at Chick University


*Please try to use the main event hashtag - #ICT4D2017 - in all your posts - as we want to generate as much traffic as we can on the day of the event and leading up to it.


#globaldev #climatechange #agriculture #bigdata #integrateddev #ActonClimate #gender #nutrition



APRIL 29 - MAY 6: 2 - 3 posts on Twitter; 1 post on Facebook; 1 LinkedIn Post

MAY 7-14: 2 posts on Twitter; 1 post on Facebook; 2 LinkedIn Posts

MAY 15: 2 posts on Twitter before the event begins at 3 PM (EST); Live Tweeting 2-3 times at the event


What is your biggest challenge when building partnerships? #ICT4DIndia2017 #SharedValue #Tech4Good

Join @SSGAdvisors1 for a panel discussion at #ICT4DIndia2017 to learn more about how to engage w/ potential partners: http://bit.ly/TtJan26

At #ICT4DIndia2017 learn how to overcome issues between public- and private-sector orgs to build successful #SharedValue partnerships

(TWITTER PICTURE: Picture to include with above posts. Please right click on the picture to 'Save Image As' and include with the above social media posts.)
(TWITTER PICTURE: Picture to include with above posts. Please right click on the picture to 'Save Image As' and include with the above social media posts.)


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