The Divine : A play for Sarah Bernhardt by Vanessa Roque

The Spatial Experience

I arrived at the Constans Theatre about 20 minutes before the performance time at 7:15. This was my first time going to the Constans Theatre and I really quite enjoyed the experience.

I didn't know what to expect going into the theatre itself once doors opened, but I was not disappointed, it is beautiful. The first thing I noticed when walking in was the set - 6 beds and a staircase in front of a painted stained glass window. I was seated in the 4th row from the stage. Sitting here gave me a decent view of the stage and actors throughout the play - more up close and personal than I had experienced with plays I had seen in the past.

Once the lights dimmed, I was nothing less than excited. Actors came running out of either side of the stage and the action began.

The Social Experience

I explored the lobby and found some interesting artwork.

I attended the performance alone and I wouldn't say this was a negative aspect of my experience. Being able to submerge myself in the story line of this play was a great way to spend quality time with myself. I fully understood the entirety of the performance and had I not been alone, I'm not sure if this would've been possible with the occasional distracting side comments of whoever could have tagged along with me.

However, I do admitted having someone to talk to about the story would have been nice. I enjoy reflecting and comparing thoughts with someone about a shared experience - it's insightful.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This black and white piece was and is very interesting to look at.

This play is set in 1905, Quebec City. It tells the story of a boy whose family lives in poverty yet still manage to rack up the necessary money to send him to seminary school. There he meets another aspiring priest who is obsessed with Sarah Bernhardt, a famous actress.

Talbot is very ungrateful. I understand that becoming a priest was not his dream job but his family is working so very hard to make ends meet to pay for his education. Talbot reminds me of my sister.

The Emotional Experience

I still am slightly confused as to what this piece is. While waiting in the lobby, I was not the only one confused by this as I heard a couple others questioning it. It kind of looks like an old-timey camera but I'm not sure.

As I stated before, attending this play alone gave me time for myself. I'm the kind of person to forget about everything once I really get into a story - whether it be a book, show, movie, even a play. As the story progressed, I found myself more and more relaxed. The Divine gave me an opportunity to forget about my life and troubles - this was much needed.

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