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Upon arriving at the Senior Library, participants checked in at the registration table with Sheue Mui and Su to collect their lanyards, notebooks and resources for the day's activities. We were happy to see familiar faces, and excited to meet new colleagues!

After registration, participants fuelled up for the day with breakfast! Some took this opportunity to say hi to old colleagues and friends. Keeping in line with our theme of self-care, our caterer for the day was Grain, providing healthy, delicious meals.

Once everyone had settled down, our hosts Azlinda and Ekta briefed the participants on what to do with the coloured papers they received during registration.

We were making paper planes! Before getting into the origami of it all, participants were asked to write 3 physical descriptors of themselves on the coloured sheets of paper.

After that, everyone threw the paper planes across the room. Everyone picked up a coloured paper that is not theirs, and tried to find the person who wrote, based on the three physical descriptors.

It was a great chance to meet each other and introduce ourselves to other participants.

"Guys, do you know how to throw a paper plane?"

Ready? 1... 2... 3!

"Hi, are you the one with curly hair and blue shawl? Which library are you from..."

After that icebreaker, Michael Kelly, the Head of Infant Library at Tanglin Trust School welcomed us with a thoughtful opening speech.

Azlinda then introduced our first speakers of the day, Shirin and Suhailah from UWC East Library who spoke about The Power of Library Visits.

They shared with us how their team had recently spent a day visiting various libraries, and how they maximised their time, as well as some challenges faced while planning these visits. Most importantly, they shared with us some of the valuable insights the team had gain from these visits, and how enriching such visits can be for all library staff.

Next, our second speaker, Dr Ilaria Belfiore from Total Health Chiropractic, shared with us the importance of taking care of our spine. This is especially true for those who work in libraries as our jobs involve activities like carrying heavy books, being on our knees a lot for shelving, or even just sitting for long periods of time while cataloging.

Total Health Chiropractic also kindly provided us with a spine screening station throughout the day. Interested participants could excuse themselves at any time and visit the staff in an adjacent room. Chiropractors were on standby to screen participants and advise them on the best way to treat their problem areas.

Everyone started to sit a little taller after this session.

Chiropractic screening session

Our third speaker, Kim Beeman, Head of Senior Library in Tanglin Trust School, shared how she led the team to revamp the library's website, and the approach the team used - thinking like a user rather than as a librarian.

Our fourth speaker for the day, Kenny Leck, who is the owner of Books Actually and the mastermind behind local publishing arm Math Paper Press, shared with us the importance of SingLit, his first encounter with local literature, and suggested ways library staff can support and encourage our libraries to include SingLit in our collections.

At the end of the event, participants were able to walk home with a copy of Alvin Pang's What Gives Us Our Names, kindly sponsored by Kenny and Books Actually to give us a first hand brush with quality local literature.

Our final speaker for the morning, Peck Hoon, shared how her team at the Singapore American School library started a project to classify their books by genre. She talked about some of the challenges they faced, and the positive feedback they received from their users and teachers, as well as tips on how to undertake similar projects in our own libraries.

While participants enjoyed their lunch break, the Tanglin staff got busy prepping for the hands on carousel sessions that would take place next.

After lunch, participants chose four of the following hands-on sessions to attend:

Station 1: Attack of the ArtBots! with Lags, Zana, Su and Asinah

Participants learned how to make their own Art Bots, an all-ages activity that can be easily implemented as a workshop in our own libraries. The session was led by Tanglin's Infant Library makerspace team.

Station 2: Heroes Anonymous with Ekta

Participants got together to talk about new and exciting developments in their libraries over the past year, as well as share problems and suggest solutions and offer help. The session was mediated by Ekta, who also shared some educator-targeted graphic novel resources sponsored by the Senior Library's comic book vendors, Absolute Comics.

Station 3: Mark your spots! with Hui Ching, Sheue Mui, Jo, Nurul and Xiao Mang

The Senior Library makerspace team guided the participants to make their own leather bookmarks.

The team's leather crafting skills were picked up from a professional development course they attended several months prior, and then adapted to enable them to run similar workshops for staff and students.

Station 4: Every body is a superhero body with Trainer Suria

Building on what the chiropractors had shared with us earlier in the day, Personal Trainer Suria sat down with participants to help address their specific concerns, and show them simple and easy exercises they could do to ease aches and pains.

Station 5: Posterboy sidekick with Atiqah, Jaaziel and Nadiyah

Tanglin libraries' very own in-house designers shared some basic design tips and know how, and then led participants in a hands on exercise using Canva, a free but powerful online tool that can help us create eye-catching, professional looking promotional material.

Many of the publicity materials used for the JAW were created using Canva!

Don't these author-visit posters look great? Looks like our participants passed their test with flying colours!

Everyone then gathered back in the Collaborative Zone with their new creations from the hands on carousel sessions for the lucky draw! Azlinda and Kim drew the three lucky winners of the day. Thank you TinkerTanker for the wonderful gifts.

We wrapped up the day with Janine Murphy, Head of Junior Library, giving us a warm and moving closing speech.

She also thanked our wonderful sponsors and team for making JAW 2018 for the success.

Not the full squad as some of us were still running around. As they say, the show must go on!

Most of all, a huge THANK YOU to you to everyone who attended, for being present on this day!

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did, and were able to bring back some fresh ideas and tips to your own libraries. Let us build on and nurture the connections we made throughout this busy day, so we can all continue to learn from and help each other to thrive in our chosen field.

See you all at next year's JAW, in the next school!

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