Aledo Colorguard 2020 Winterguard

The Aledo Color Guard is getting ready for their competiton this Saturday. Both junior varsity and varsity have been working to clean their shows. Junior Brianna Glick and senior Johnathan Warren pull the floor together to begin practice.
Sophomore Catherine Wells and freshman Katelyn Furstenburg are two of many junior varsity's frames. Just like the others they are a big part of their show.
Aledo High School's Colorguard Director Jr. Marquez has been pieceing and cleaning junior varsity's show to have it ready for their first competition.
Sophomore Callie Wyss, freshman Kathleen Cambell and freshmen Hannah King are all part of junior varsity's show ''Bigger Picture.'' They work to rehearse and create the big affect of the show.
Freshman Adra Milazzo is one of varsity's soloist. She is one of two freshman that made it to varsity.
Junior Brianna Glick shows emotional pain while chatching her saber toss. Her facial expressions shows the varisty's message, ''Just Breathe.''


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