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Another Sunday afternoon rolls around and you find yourself paralyzed by the heap of homework awaiting you at your desk. Groaning in misery, you attempt to start the mountain of math you’ve forgotten from Friday. Annoyed, you shut your packet. Onto biology where the cell diagram should make a tad more sense. Yet after skimming the image, it's still driving you insane in the membrane. With a final push, you convince yourself that those AP lang chapters from Hemingway can’t be half as bad as they were Monday morning, right? You really thought. They still are. All you can think is nope. Nada. Not today, school. ‘Perhaps a movie day may shake me from my funk?’ you ponder. ‘Maybe something different?’ But what?

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Have no fear, A24 Films is here! A24, a New York City based independent entertainment company has been sweeping the minds of millennials through their phenomenal films over the last half decade. As a production, their feature films have created conversation among viewers. Straying away from the basic means of media, A24 allows amateur artists to have their perceptions flow freely as they long for viewers. By allowing these smaller self-producers to make Indie films, there is more diversity amidst the production industry.

Lady Bird as produced by Scott Rudin, Evelyn O'Neil and Eli Bush

Christine McPherson--better known as Lady Bird-- must learn to navigate through the tough times of high school while maintaining a relationship with her mother amidst their opposing perceptions on life. While her personality prevails a compassionate and outspoken charisma, often times she can be found butting heads with her mother. Trying to overlook her boy problems, dreams of making it in life and the difficulties of a lower socioeconomic status in Sacramento, California, “Lady Bird” conquers any obstacle in her path.

Art by Tatum Shore-Fitzgerald

Three Identical Strangers as produced by Grace Hughes-Hallett and Becky Read

Documenting their separation at birth, triplets--David Kellman, Bobby Shafran and Eddy Galland-- randomly reunite after 19 years of never knowing of one another. Discovering their liking for the same things such as cigarette brands, taste in women as well as athletics, they feel like they have known each other for an eternity. While wallowing in the happiness of their newfound love for each other, the malicious adoption agency behind their separation at birth crosses the line of cruelty.

Art by Tatum Shore-Fitzgerald

Eighth Grade as produced by Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, Lila Yacoub and Christopher Storer

As if being in eighth grade isn’t awkward enough, just as any other thirteen-year-old, Kayla Day must endure the gawkiness of middle school. As she tries to find herself through vlogging on YouTube, attempting to expand her friendships and the ultimate goal of finding a beloved boyfriend, junior high is a struggle to say the least. While consistently trying to boosts herself through confidence, these early teenage years cause chaos for her a rollercoaster of emotions as well as never ending hormonal surges.

Art by Tatum Shore-Fitzgerald

Hearts Beat Loud as produced by Sam Bisbee, Sam Slater and Houston King

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Red Hook Records has long served the community with their unmatched aesthetic. However, when record sales dropped, Frank Fisher was forced to sell his store after years of business. His daughter Sam aspires to study medicine at UCLA, however is conflicted about leaving due to newfound beau as well as the pressure for her father's yearning for her to become a musician. After the beginning of her band with Frank launches, Sam thus feels stuck in a rut of confusion for her future.

Art by Tatum Shore-Fitzgerald


Art by Tatum Shore-Fitzgerald 

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