Good life Performance By: Brendan Rutz

The Spatial Experience

The theatre in which the play took place set the mood for The Divine. There was a large crowd of people, but once the lights were dimmed and focused on the stage, it was hard to focus on anything else but the play. Since I was closer to the stage, I felt more connected to the play, especially when the actors greeted the crowd and shook my hand in the opening scene. The auditorium created an ambiance that allowed me to enjoy the play and feel as if I were there at the same time. Since the auditorium is modeled in a black box theatre style, this allows the actors to create an ambiance that truly encapsulates the audience's attention.

McGuire Theatre . Digital image. Web.

The Social Experience

I attended the good life play with one of my friends, Nick. Before the play we had to read a short description of the story and order our tickets online. By attending the show with a friend, I was able to have a better understanding and perspective of the play, since I was able to discuss it with someone. I was also able to meet new people siting around me at the play since we all share the "common bond" of the good life. Sharing experiences with others is an quintessential part of the good life, and attending a play with a friend is a perfect example of this.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The story takes place in early 20th century Quebec city, and discusses issues such as morality and animosity between the church and the media. Going into the play, I was not exactly sure what to expect not knowing much about the play, but I left with a wealth of knowledge about the issues facing peoples lives during this time period. The performance showed me how much control the church had over state back in this time period. Its interesting how in this day and age, people go out of their way to avoid religious conflict, while back in the early 20th century it seemed to be part of many people's everyday lives. This is also relevant to our own lives since censorship and religious issues are still at the forefront of debate everyday in the media.

Ouzinan, Richard. The Divine. Digital image. N.p., n.d. Web.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine provides us an opportunity for katharsis since it opens the door for us to have a discussion about issues addressed in the play. It allows us to look at social issues we have had and still have today through a different set of eyes. By seeing our flaws on stage acted out in front of us, we can have katharisis towards that issue, since we were able to see it in a different light. Specifically, the play allows us to see the problems between popular culture and religon. It allows us to identify our problems as a society, and then work past them to create a healthy environment for everyone.

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