Hobbies and interests by: kylie tomlinson


The topic that I researched was Hobbies and Interests I chose that topic because I wanted to see what students at my school prefer to do on there free time!


The purpose of this survey was to find out what kids my age enjoy and like to do on there free time. Everyone's different about what they enjoy so i was interested.

Who took my survey

Majority of the people who took my survey were male. And all were 7th grade.


My expectations was to see a lot of kids to be out side and play a lot of sports. And I did see a lot of kids like to be outside and play sports.

Surprising results

Something surprising that I found was that a lot of kids cook there own food. Most kids make there mom or dad do it but a lot make there own.

Why I did this

That's why I did a survey about hobbies to see what kids like and what they do on there free time.

Changes i would make

The things I would do different is how I ask them the question and ask more questions . I want my questions to be better than they were.


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