Beatitudes KAitlyn Wilms

Blessed are the welcoming people

  • They show pride at Badin by saying hi and being friendly to people they don't know.
  • They make you feel like you belong.

Blessed are the people who work hard.

  • They can help people that don't understand the work and help them understand like you do.
  • They succeed and learn things they never knew and show how they can improve on learning with a good education here.

Blessed are the teachers and staff.

  • They help us learn new things everyday
  • Keep the school clean and make lunch everyday
  • Always There for us when we struggle or have problems

Blessed are the role models that show goodness and kindness

  • Seniors are great role models because they take time out of their classes and last day of summer to help freshmen have a good experience like they did on activities and retreats
  • They show how they do so much more service things then to just do for service hours .
  • They show how we should act in and out of school to be like christians

Blessed are the people who forgive and give people another chance.

  • Giving people another chance lets them learn their lesson on what they did.
  • Forgiveness shows true friendship and caring.
  • It makes people happy and that they have hope that they can forgive other people.

Blessed are the people that share.

  • Sharing is one of the greatest things because no one is left out and everything is fair
  • One day at lunch my friend ran out of money on her lunch account and couldn't get lunch so my other friend bought her lunch of of her account.
  • Sharing is an amazing small act of kindness and there is a lot of that here at Badin

Blessed are friendships

  • Having amazing friends at school is important because they can help you on things you don't understand and always have your back when someone's being rude to you they'll stick up for you.
  • They make you have a better day at school by making you laugh and smile
  • They are the people that brighten up your life and making amazing memories with and by not being lonely.

Blessed are the people who stay true to themselves

  • When people be mean to you and you stand up for yourself that's something brave to do
  • Here at Badin you don't need to pretend to be someone your not to get people to like you because everyone at Badin accept and like you for who you are.
  • The pic I chose for this is monster high they make it in tv episodes, books and movies. They show and teach me that being yourself even if your different people accept you freak flaws and all.
  • Some quotes from some movies are " you can't call someone a freak just because theirdifferent" "you don't need to be popular the monsters that already know how awesome you are"


Created with images by Sean MacEntee - "Holy Cross at Sunrise"

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