Citizenship: Focus: Me Quarter 1 recap

Students worked together to create a place called FuzzyLand after reading a story about the place. We learned that one person can affect the whole classroom~positively or negatively. We worked on classroom procedures, getting to know ourselves and each other, and reviewing the 7 habits.


Students know their learning style, top 3 multiple intelligences, and personality type.

They also created personal timelines to share important events in their lives.

We studied electricity through building circuits. We built many types of circuits during this quarter. The students even took performance tests to prove they knew how electricity flows, which materials are conductors and insulators, and what will happen if we add or take away components in a circuit.

Reading and Writing: We worked on our reading life. We read books, talked about books, and reflected on our reading. The students also set a reading goal. We wrote about small moments in our lives. We are in the process of publishing one of our personal narratives.

Eclipse Day: August 21, 2017

OLC Pioneer Day: This was an extension of our Pioneer Unit in Third grade.

Making the world a more beautiful place, one space at a time.

  • With Mrs. Duncan's help students were able to plant flowers for the Fall.
Mrs. Duncan, thank you!

Make the world more beautiful. You should leave the world more beautiful than you have found it when you were born-then you have done some service to existence. ~Osho~

One of my favorite things about this quarter was reading the book, Wonder. Through this book we had discussions about character traits, character motives, changes in characters, felt empathy for the bully, cheered for the bullied, gasped, awed, but most of all realized that being KIND is the most important thing~even though it can be hard sometimes. It is times like this, I LOVE MY JOB.

Miscellaneous photos from the quarter...

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