Progress 321 @ Technology HUB

By: Alba Nidia Batista

“Alone we can do so Little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

On July 15th we were delighted to receive a group of members from the non-profit organization Progress 321 (El Paso, Texas) at Technology HUB in Ciudad Juarez. Our CEO Ricky Mora gave a welcome speech and then they toured the premises.

Why was this of any importance?

Juarez and El Paso should not be thought of like individual entities; together with Las Cruces, these three cities make up one of the most important regions of the border. Technology HUB and Progress 321 have similar missions, both exist to contribute to the development of their own cities and the region. This is exactly what motivated people in Progress 321 to come to Juarez and get to know T-HUB from the inside.

A couple of days after the visit we spoke to one of the members of Progress 321 so she could share her thoughts, here’s a bit of what she had to say:

“At Progress 321 we are about seeing each other as a region that collaborates, and with T-HUB we see a real opportunity to do it. We loved the layout of the offices, the environment. You don’t need to come in wearing a suit, you can just come in as yourself. There was a sense of community and you could really see it, no matter in which part of the campus you were at. We would like to do a replication in El Paso. At Technology HUB you evangelize and have people become ambassadors of your mission, at Progress 321 we wanna make sure we can help.”

Do you have any ideas about how to make our Region grow? Please let us know ;)

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