Hurricane Matthew unearths civil war cannon balls A GENERIC Heading by: jonathan zhou

So cannon balls are found, are the cannon balls safe, let me give you the quick answer, absolutely not!

Hurricane Matthew did more than flood neighborhoods, and wreck buildings. This hurricane has also unearthed cannon balls from the civil war period. Unlike what some people believe not all cannonballs are all iron, oh no these shells of iron are filled with gunpowder and will explode.

These rusted shells of iron were unearthed during the attack by Hurricane Matthew on South Carolina as it rang its terror upon the residential district. This area was also known for its pirate and civil war fights, which the cannon balls are from.

The hurricane's waves and winds likely eroded parts of the beach to uncover the bowling-ball-size weapons, Gilreath said.

While a resident of the area was walking along the east end coast of Folly island contacted officials and got the safety department to the case. The officials planned on keeping the cannonballs as artifacts, but after finding out that the cannon balls were still armed with explosives, they scratch that plan. “I knew they were cannonballs,” he said.”One of them had a very distinct hole in it that went directly into it. Just knowing a little bit about the Civil War, I know that they put fuses in cannonballs for them to explode when they desired them to.”

After discovering this key fact a bomb squad was dispatched to the scene, they decided to just safely detonate the armed bombs to reduce risk. Although the safe cannon balls were keepers.

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