Arches made simple (and PERFECT and AWESOME) A quick introduction to CurveMaker kits

Check it out. This is how easy it is. It's TOO EASY not to incorporate this into your home design. Save up to 75% of the time and labor of sheetrock or flex trim curves, and save up to 100% of the headache!

To use CurveMaker arch kits, simply follow these steps:

STEP 1: Leave your Rough Openings square (do not frame a curve)

Rough Opening framed square like any other

Step 2a: Order your CurveMaker Kits! We try to work on a 3 or so week lead time.

Step 2b: Have your sheetrock crew hang the sheetrock roughly 15" below the header. We provide a template for it to be trimmed out later.

Sheetrock cut to arch shape

Step 3: In just a few MINUTES per opening, install prefab CurveMaker arch kits:

Trim Install Stage

A little bit of paint to make things pretty, and wow...

for as little as $250/opening, it's a no brainer. Give us a call!

CurveMakers, Inc -- 115 Corporation Dr -- Oxford, NC 27565




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