The Struggle of Micaela Espinoza by Alyssa Torres

My hero is Maria Micaela Espinoza Lopez. She’s related to me because she’s my grandma. Which is my mom’s mom and she’s my grandma. I have been connected to her throughout all my life. She took care of me when I was a kid and we bonded so much. Also she lives with us and make sure that we’re home and fed. My grandma is from Jalisco and it’s in Mexico. I interviewed her because I knew she had a rough life but she overcame her barriers.The obstacles that this person had to overcome was leaving her family. Also helping out her family move forward. So what she had to do was leave Mexico and travel to Tijuana. Then she worked to get her passport to cross the border. And so she got all the money she needed and went off to Los Angeles. She had to work in a factory of sewing clothes as soon as she gathered up money she got an apartment. Then she would send money to her family in mexico every now and then she did. Then she would measure her money on what she needed or little things.This person has achieved many things in life. She wanted a good lifestyle for her kids. And so she has achieved it because none of her kids are in jail or dead or are in gangs. Even though they grew up in a bad neighborhood, but her kids were more afraid of my grandma so they wouldn’t dare do anything. Another thing she has achieved throughout her life was making sure her kids were happy. She and My grandpa would take my mom and my uncles out to Mexico every week. Or they would go to a theme park without hesitating whether they should because of money wise. But no money wasn’t a problem for them because they wanted to make their kids to enjoy their life, to remember about it.

This person is a positive influence in my life because she has been there for me since a kid, and even though i get her mad. Also because she’s a noble person, she cares for people. She had a rough life even though am giving you some parts of her life. But also because I know she’s a strong Independent Women. Another reason why is because she helps out her kids no matter the money. She doesn’t care about the money or etc. Lastly is because she cares for all her family. She had said if someone does something to them it hurts her. And she can’t stand to see us hurt. Also she isn’t with that drama stuff also she doesn’t like us fighting with in our family.I learned that this person has worked her whole life to give her kids the best they could have. Also my grandma is a noble and helpful person. She’s one of those people that gives to people that don’t have money and now she wants to give to the whole world. I also learned that you don’t have to depend on anyone, only yourself. And also if you want something go after it and don’t give up. I’ve learned that she just wanted her family to be happy and that’s all she could ever ask for. One of her sayings is “ Todo pasa por algo” meaning everything happens for a reason. Also this quote for me is like don't regret nothing like things happen for a reason without it you wouldn't learn your mistakes.


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