Noreen Gonzalez Year II

Why teach?


One of my main goals this year was to create opportunities for students to connect to what they were learning. Many of our task gave students the ability to create and connect to content. One of my favorite activities was our news reporting project!


Teaching a combination fourth and fifth grade classroom was a challenge in many ways. The most time consuming was creating a schedule that allowed EVERYONE to get the information and tools they needed to succeed. I found this book and flew with it, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to incorporate technology and create an engaging learning environment.

Staying Connected

The most effective way to stay connected is to continue to communicate with my colleagues and stay up-to-date with the world of education. With 21st century learning continuing to prosper, one of the most influential ways to stay connected is through social media and online communities. One area of frustration, for me, is the numerous outlets and sources for information; but the lack of specific content based on grade-level. I think having a community that is geared towards aiding teachers based on content need would be ideal. My contribution to all teachers would be a community designed to support 21st century learning based on grade-level. By opening up a community categorized by grade, teachers can spend less time searching and more time implementing. This would require the support of all teachers to share knowledge and resources that are beneficial for students within specific grades. I truly believe that once a community like this has been started, teachers will find it easier to gather and share.

So... let's start!

Thank you!

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