Jean-Jacques Rousseau Drew paulson

My greatest accomplishment

One of my greatest accomplishments is my book the Discourse on the Sciences and Arts. Purchase it today at Amazon.

Other discourses. Some of my other well doing discourses are as follows, Origin, Philisophical politics, the Émile, and the social contract, as seen on your right. I also influenced Immanual Kant. Sadly my discourses sparked a controversy with France and my books were banned in Paris

As you might know, I have A TON of quotes. One of my favorite is the one on your right, man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. Some of my other quotes you can find on the internet. Remember freedom is the power to choose our own chains, and the world of reality has its limits, but the world of imagination is limitless.

Some of my beliefs are very different. Some people like science and arts, in fact most people do. I on the other hand, think it is corrupting people, and as it progresses humans will get more reliant of it. Also I am one of the few philosophers who talks about political and ethical thinking. I applied my thinking to politics. My last belief is that humans are good by nature, but this world has corrupted us. When we came into this world we were innately good, but not anymore.

About the author; I was born in 1712 and died in 1787 in Paris. I lived when people like Beethoven, Ben Franklin, Mozart, and many other famous men. My favorite book is Lord of the Flies, because without a government or science progressions, these kids almost did better alone.

Common questions I get asked.

Were your beliefs accepted by the public?

No in fact my books were outlawed in all of France because of the great controversies they started.

How do you feel about how fast science is growing and the hurt it has on our world?

I think it’s a terrible thing. We need to go back to the way things were. All I know is in 1745 anyone could look to their left and see beautiful land. Our greed is hurting us and is our downfall. Things should go back to the way things were, when we didn’t need tablets.

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