How to Set up Your Piano Binder Birmingham Keyboard Arts Center

#1 Get a binder or repurpose one that you already own. Make sure you choose one that will lay flat on the music rack when open.

A perfect piano binder:

#2 Add five dividers labeled: Lessons, Theory, Technique, Solos, and Extras. If your binder is well-organized, we won't waste any lesson time searching for materials.

#3 Add a big stack of fresh notebook paper to the Lessons Tab. This is where I will write your weekly assignments.

#4 Carefully read your lesson assignments. Make a tally mark each time you practice. You should mark a tally every time you sit down at the piano for a practice session, not every time you play a piece. Have your parent sign the lesson to vouch for your practice time. Your goal is to practice at least five times a week, preferably more.

The log must be signed in order to be counted towards a practice trophy.

#5 Pack your music bag the night before your lesson and put it in your car. Make sure you have included all of your books as well as your binder. Check to make sure your Theory Book has not been left out. The Theory Book, in particular, has a habit of disappearing. Wink. Wink.

#6 Show up for your lesson with a cooperative spirit, ready to focus and learn. This is going to be a GREAT year in piano!

Love, Mrs. Byars

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