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Hello! I'm Paul, and that gorgeous Citroen HY van is my beloved coffee business, Cafe Continental Ltd, established with love, December 2013

Paul Vickery - Director, Front of House and DJ.

If you'd like to add a little sparkle to your intense working schedule, we can be yours for the day, a few hours or just move in.

Hetty the van and the happy couple.

You can expect lashings of warm, friendly front of house service, plenty of great Espresso based Fair-Trade Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Organic Speciality Tea. If you want, we can easily get our hands on some lovely cakes, tray bakes or muffins. Add a smattering of disco beats, curtesy of DJQueenVic, and you've got yourself Cafe Continental Ltd for your visual, tasting and listening experience.

We are 5 star rated and always welcome any individual tastes and dietary needs.

BBC Film shoot with Reel Deal Catering

A Brief History: I have been trading and brewing coffee since January 2014. I absolutely love what I do, particularly seeing the happy faces of my customers when they taste the coffee, be it a Flat White (my personal favourite), Espresso and all the rest, including Hot Chocolate and Green Tea. I think it helps if you love, and work in your business, appreciate and care what you deliver. My coffee is roasted at Bailies Coffee Company, Belfast, Northern Ireland. It's hard to beat. It can be so disheartening when you try a new place, and are faced with disappointment. Everybody that comes to Cafe Continental Ltd is treated with the absolute best in personal service. I try to be a good reader of people too, so if you're not in the mood to talk, I can quite easily button it.

Blackstaff Square, Belfast.

Location: I am looking for a location in London that appreciates what I offer. Something a little different, where quality and kindness are paramount. I have worked hard to build my brand creating a warm and happy environment, wherever the work takes me. I am extremely proud of what I have achieved. The amazing reviews sure do give a boost to my self esteem, especially when trading figures are disappointing. However, each day brings something new and although my aim is not to appeal to the masses, I believe there is always a place for something unique, like Cafe Continental Ltd.

Coffee and music...always.

Markets/Weddings/Shoots: I have been trading on a stand alone pitch since January 2014. However I love the atmosphere of a community, and have also enjoyed several farmers markets, music events, weddings and film shoots along the way - The buzz can be intoxicating. You meet all sorts, exchange fascinating stories, which all help to create that perfect day.

Inns Market

Suspended Coffee: I have been handing out Free coffee to the homeless since 2015. It has completely opened my eyes to a world I and many others just don't know. I feel privileged to have got to know some of them. They trust me, and often fill me in as to what's happening on the streets.

Helping the homeless

Customers: If being a street trader has taught me anything, it has encouraged me to take a step back from trying to be everybody's friend. You can't please everybody, but I always give 100% to every person that tries me, no matter how I may be feeling myself, and that helps me sleep at night. So if you appreciate something a little different, with good quality products at fair prices, please support ethical traders, like myself.

Me and the Ulster Rugby boys
Hard at it

Atmosphere: I think most of us are affected by our surroundings. I have been djing for a while now, and have used this skill to create the right ambience. I have also created Cafe Continental The Club. A place where the alternative, synth disco and indie dance feel at home, wherever that may be. From London to Belfast and back again. You can contact us for more details, using the links below.

Cafe Continental Club

My trademark "lovetoloveyou": This emerged from my love of disco and Donna Summer. Music and kindness - that's what life should be about. Everybody gets a "lovetoloveyou" stamped on their cup. There's uproar if I forget and it sums me up. In today's climate, when hatred of some kind is never too far away, it will at least bring a smile to your face.

Attention to detail.

Reviews: These have been amazing. Five stars and the comments are truly wonderful. They really help my self esteem, and help to promote the business when trade is not so good. I am recommended on Trip Advisor and that means a lot. However, a "like" or a message doesn't always put money in the till. So we always need your support. It is extremely hard competing with the big chains, so If you like the sound of us, please give us a try, you absolutely won't be disappointed.

The Reviews.
Cafe Continental Ltd - The Fans.
Cafe Continental Ltd at the Drive-In.

Hygiene Rating: Current hygiene rating is 5 out of 5.

Hygiene rating.

I'd love to know what you think.

Warmest regards

Paul Vickery (Company Director)


Cafe Continental Ltd - lovetoloveyou





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