Untopian Society By:Skyler Sullivan & Brayden Crawford

  • Our utopia will be an oligarchy, it will be ran by a council of the wisest people in our community.
  • Rules
  • NO PDA outside your family home.
  • NO Lieing.
  • Desicions will be made by the concil members.
  • The rules will be taught from the time they are old enough to understand yes and no.
  • Everyone makes mistakes but we dont have room for failure so if you fail to follow the rules after a warning you will be kicked out.
  • When a decision is to be made the counile members will be called upon and decide together what is best.

We want nothing but the best for our children and that starts with a good education.

  • Kids will start going to school as soon as they turn into a 3. they will be taught the basics.
  • Grades are demermined by their age. Each age has thier own grade. One teacher per grade.
  • our community will have give nohing but the best education to the kids. Instead of it being about passing a test, it will be about teaching the children what they need to know to be wise and intelligent.

Familiy is a wonderful thing.

  • In our community no man or woman is more supperier than one another.
  • in our community you will be assigned a spouse, and you will have to fill out an aplication with your traits and then you will be matched up with someone we deem compatiable.
  • Each family with have no more than two kids. One boy and One girl. a family must be married for two years before they can fill out an application and be given a child at the ceremony.
  • Each family will have thier own dwelling. The dwellings will be set up in square blocks.
  • Each one will have 3 bedrooms one for each person a two bathrooms one for the girls and one for the boys.
  • Each family dwelling will have a small garden to help with food supply.
  • Each family will be supplied the seeds needed to start the garden each year.

Every little job matters in our community and everone will have to make attributes to help us thrive.

The five most important jobs in our community is counclemembers,messenger,birthmother, spectator's, and the teachers.

  1. Councle members are one the most important jobs in our community becaue they are the ones that help make the rules and make our community run smoothly.
  2. The Spectator being the second most important job, they help to look at each and every child so they can be assigned the perfect job when they turn 18.
  3. Teachers being the third most important job, becasue they help shape our children into wise and inteligent yound men and women.
  4. Birthmothers being the fourth most important without these women we would have no kids to continue on with our community in the future.
  5. Although the messenger is the 5th most important job it is still very important without a messenger no one would know important dates, or when there are new rules put into place or an old rule is changed.

In our community there is no money. Everone will recive what they need at each age. Each person has a job whether its going to school or going to your job everyone works for what they get. No person needs more than anyone else everyone should be similair so no one is left out.

There will be no cars in our community for they cause polution and polution kills our crops. We will have bikes that will get you from place to place since everything will be in biking distance there will be no need for veichels in our community.

Our community will be built on a a flat land with no hills ro big bodies of water and we will have climate control the weather will not get hotter or colder than 70 -75 degress as no one will get cold or hot. It will be this way so we can grow crops all year round and will not have to have hear or air-conditioning. We will have animals but they will only be used for food such as cows,pigs,sheep,goats,and other animals that could provide food to the people of our community.

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