Kid Tank feat Efelow Instagram Crush (Music Video Treatment)

Venue : Beach House ( CPT or DBN ).Theme : Layed back,chilling session.Costumes : Vests,shirts,shorts,socks,slippers,bikinis & shades.Props : Beach chairs,Floaters,Poolballs,Water guns,Video games etc.

SCENE 1 ( INTRODUCTION NO MUSIC ) This scene begins with Kid Tank & Efelow chilling by the beach which is right in front of the house,them having conversations & thats when Kid Tank pulls his phone out & starts Instagram snapping... DIALOGUE " Waddup Cape Town/Durban we out here etc...... & posts the video.So basically we're going to have to two different shots of this scene,him holding his phone out & to him saying the exact thing out on camera which we'll be pretty what his followers see on their phone screens,with his Instagram handle on the side.

He posts the video,the he starts talking about how his Instagram Crush just liked & he doesn't get why she only likes when he's in town & she told him to hit her up when he's around.Efelow asks to see her picture than they both go crazy on how hot she looks,Efelows tells Kid Tank to hit her up & tell her to bring her friends.
SCENE 2 ( SONG BEGINS ) Really cool drone shots of the beach & the house cutting away to Kid Tank going to get the girls at the door,coming in to the house.
SCENE 3 ( HOOK LOUNGE ) So basically the whole concept is not a party but a chilling session,the guys chill with the girls in the lounge having fun playing video games drinking juice (No Alcohol) eating normal food that the youth can relate to like burgers etc.This shot will be used as cut aways through out the hook & mid first verse.
SCENE 4 (CAMERA PERFORMANCE SHOT) So this shot is will be used as the lead,where its just Kid Tank & Efelow performing for the camera as they both are on the hook & both the verses.Reason being its just them is so that the audience will only focus on the two and their profiling wont be interrupted by a lot of cameos etc.This scene will be outside so we can still get that summer,sunny,bright colors vibe.
SCENE 5 (SECOND HOOK POOL AREA) On the second hook we cut away to maybe the beach & the pool.This scene is also fun filled,as they are all enjoying and having fun by the pool are.Shooting one another with water guns,some are just chilling on the floaters,pool chairs drinking their juice.
Kid Tank & Efelow will also be performing towards the camera here & there but not really focusing on it that much.One of them grabbing a girl & jumping in the pool with them,pouring them something to drink,dipping their feet in the pool & chilling on the pool chairs just mingling with the girls,everyone really having the time of their lives.Cutting away to a drone shot of the house. END.

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