Gangsta Bitch Que ft Miguel Fresco

In this visual Que undergoes a series of events after coming across a large sum of money where his respective woman {gangsta bitch} conserves his well being, rescuing Que demonstrating just how gangsta she is. (This video is themed after the early 2000's box office hit "All about the Benjamin's)"

In the opening scene we see our main interest rapper Que and Miguel Fresco at what is believed to be a routinely scheduled video shoot promoting his latest released project; only to find they're caught in the crossfire of a high profiled diamond exchange gone terribly wrong. Que notices the exchange of briefcases between two middle aged white men (mob bosses) as one turns to walk away he is gunned down by the man he exchanged with. This starts a gun battle between the two crews, which leaves the other mob boss wounded dropping the briefcase full of diamonds as he retrieves to safety. This sparks interest between Que and Miguel Fresco as they take cover due to gunfire.

In this scene we see Que and Miguel Fresco dodging gunfire, and taking cover as they separate to escape the chaos fleeing with the dropped briefcase. Miguel Fresco unknowingly leaves behind Que. After returning to safety Miguel notices his friend is missing and calls him. His phone is answered by a member of the mob boss's crew informing him that they have Que, and that he has something that belongs to them. The crew member instructed Miguel to meet him at his bosses warehouse, but Fresco insisted they meet at the harbor to make the switch.

In this scene Miguel Fresco can be seen recruiting Que's gangsta bitch for more reinforcements as the two {Que's significant other & Fresco} plan out the rescue mission.

In this scene we see Fresco approach the location where the exchange is scheduled to be made. At this time the Mob boss has backup sitting in a white unmarked van, waiting on their command. Miguel Fresco and the gangsta chick plan on retrieving Que also keeping the diamonds. They have already scoped out this location, and put a plan in place. While the exchange is happening Que's girl runs interference with the men in the white van by walking by looking very attractive and they can't help but notice. Taking their focus off their initial job leaving room to sneak up and take them out. As the exchange is going on they hear the gunshots and that opens up room for more gunfire. Miguel helps Que escape and still he still has possession of the diamonds as they flee towards the water. Que's love interest pull up on a speed boat to guide them all to safety. Que's woman seen is this scene showing how she earned her credentials. Que has taken over the wheel as she opens fire backing the mobsters off their trail.


To be continued....

Created by: Kenneth Nigel


Created by: Kenneth Nigel

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