Homecoming Football Game By Anna Compagno and Jordan Overmyer

Preparing to catch the ball #42 Sophomore Joey Calzaretta receives a pass from #3 Junior Sam Warren

For many seniors, the Homecoming football game on Nov. 4 would be the last of their football careers; their last time to suit up and their last time to leave everything on the field. Determined to finish the game victorious, the Giants came back from a rough first half to solidify a win against Tamalpais (Tam), ending with a final score of 21-20.

“In the first half you could see our sideline was a little quiet and we started off slow. In the second half, the whole atmosphere of our team was different. On the sideline everyone was helping each other get into the game and that motivated us to all work harder and get our heads straight,” senior running back and linebacker Jackson Holscher said.

Photo by Jordan Overmyer

The first half consisted of fumbles and interceptions from both teams. Locking down on defense, sophomore Kobe Gerstein started off the game with a key play by blocking Tam's punt and allowing Redwood to recover the ball at the 16 yard line. Unable to convert and score, Redwood fumbled the ball and Tam recovered. At the three minute mark of the first quarter, junior Alex Aguero intercepted the ball and the Giants regained momentum. Despite this, Tam scored at the buzzer and kicked to score the extra point, making the score 7-0 Tam at the end of the first quarter.

Photo by Jordan Overmyer

With eights minutes left in the second quarter, Redwood scored and made the two point conversion making the score 8-7. Intercepting the ball with four minutes left in the quarter, Tam scored another touchdown. Right before the buzzer sounded, Redwood blocked the kick for the extra point, which in fact could have been the deciding factor between a tie and win in the end. The halftime score was 20-8 in Tam’s favor.

Photo by Anna Compagno

Junior Alex Aguero, linebacker and running back, gained 208 of Redwood’s 292 yards ran this game. According to Aguero, the team under-performed in the first half due to the amount of turnovers.

“They, from film, didn’t look like they had that good of a passing game but they started to throw the ball well, but in the second half our DBs did a good job on holding them down,” Aguero said.

Photo by Jordan Overmyer

Despite the high spirits that the homecoming crowning and cheerleading routine brought at halftime, there was no question that Redwood had their work cut out for them in the second half of the game.

“At halftime we went in [the locker room] and talked to them and they came out here and finished everything in the second half, which was great,” Head Coach Allen Talley said.

Photos by Anna Compagno

Both Talley and Aguero commented on the fact that the team has had trouble in past with staying strong in the second half to finish off their opponents.

“The number one thing our coach was saying [at halftime] was just finish. A lot of the times during the year we played well in the second half but we never finished the game and won.” Aguero said. “The theme was to finish and win.”

Like Talley and Aguero had hoped, the team did just that.

Photo by Jordan Overmyer

Towards the end of the third quarter, Gerstein recovered the ball and junior Jack Morken caught a pass in the end zone, making the score 15-20. Within the next two minutes, Redwood recovered a fumble from Tam. The next play, Aguero beat out his defender and ran down the field with no defenders close to catching him to score the touchdown that would keep them in the lead.

Photo by Jordan Overmyer

In the fourth quarter, neither team was able to score as they both maintained strong defenses. Tam fumbled the ball at the end zone with 11 minutes left which senior Aidan Metzner recovered however Redwood was unable to convert that into a touchdown. In other attempts to further the lead, junior Sam Warren made a 20 yard run and Holscher made two more interceptions.

“It was a big defensive effort on both those picks. The first one got tipped to Mason Cohen then I was able to come up with it. The second one was also tipped by a defensive lineman. It was a team effort to pick both of them and it was surreal to catch both of the picks in my last game against tam. It was huge,” Holscher said.

Photos by Jordan Overmyer

The win was especially rewarding because both Aguero and Holscher speculated the natural tensions because Tam is their rival.

“Tam being cross-town rivals, this win meant something to us. It was my last regular season game here along with all the other seniors. It was a big deal for all of us to come out here and win this, especially against Tam because we haven’t lost to them yet,” Holscher said.

Despite the slow start, Redwood proved that determination could lead to an impressive comeback and give the crowd a rewarding game to watch.

Photos by Anna Compagno and Jordan Overmyer
Infographic by Anna Compagno
Infographic by Jordan Overmyer

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