Washington By:Helena Cruz

Washington choose the best of the best for his cabinet. (Left) Alexander Hamilton is a very intelligent man who is good with money. (Right) Thomas Jefferson is also very intelligent he wrote the Declaration of Independence and is an amazing negotiator. Hamilton will be great for our country, he will help us pay off our debts to Spain and France. Jefferson will help us negotiate on things with Spain and France.

The Elastic Clause is crucial for our country. If we wanted to expand our territory for the good of America, we would need this in order to do it. Expanding territory is a proper cause.

Washington and Hamilton will work together to get our country out of debt by letting the National Bank handle our taxes. That way we can ensure your money is going to be used for the good of our country.

Washington D.C will be a extraordinary place for our capital because of the beautiful scenery an flat land. It will be an amazing place to travel and will have lots of tourists.

Campaign Poster:

In Him We Trust.


Created with images by AZRainman - "General George Washington" • cliff1066™ - "Thomas Jefferson (The Edgehill Portrait), Third President (1801-1809)" • cliff1066™ - "Alexander Hamilton" • patrickhashley - "George Washington - Greatest American" • freestock.ca ♡ dare to share beauty - "Defiant Jefferson Spirit"

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