Celebrating Ethiopian Culture by Emewodesh Eshete

This is a photo story about how our family’s culture brought us together during quarantine. My family and I are very busy people. I would be at ballet almost everyday for late nights and the same thing goes with my brother and his basketball practices. We rarely have time to get together and celebrate our culture as a family. Quarantine has allowed us to spend more time with each other and celebrate all our Ethiopian traditions way more.

Here we have my parents doing this really funny Ethiopian tradition. You basically feed the person next to you but you have to do it three times. They say “feed them once, you're my acquaintance, feed them twice, you’re my friend; feed them three times and you're my best friend!”

Making traditional Ethiopian coffee is not something our family can make all the time. It’s one of those things where you have to do it with everyone. Here we have my mom wearing her traditional Ethiopian dress while roasting the coffee beans and she’s showing my brother how to do it. It opens him up a little bit more about our culture.

Once the coffee is roasted, there’s a little tradition where u go up to everyone in the house and they smell the coffee. Whoever’s holding the pan then takes it around the house and it really gives it that traditional Ethiopian feel!

My mom always pours the coffee into these tiny cups. The pot that she uses to pour them in is called a “Jebena.” A traditional pot that you use when pouring coffee into these cups.

My dad here is passing the bread around to my brother while they’re in the midst of a conversation. This is Ethiopian bread also known as “Dabo.” It’s always made during special occasions or holidays.
My family and I always have discussions together once the coffee has been poured and everyone has started eating some food. Sometimes my parents talk about their traditions growing up or other times we just catch up on the things that are going on in our lives.