George Washington The countries future

George Washington will lead us toward victories and greatness, he will be a great leader! In his past he has experience with leading an army, as well as leading the Americans to beat British forces from taking full control.

Aside from himself, his cabinet is very intelligent with experienced members who took a big part in the making of the constitution. We have Henry Knox as our Secretary of war, Thomas Jefferson as our Secretary of state, Alexander Hamilton Secretary of Treasury, and Edmund Randolph as the Attorney General.

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton will be a great pair because of their intelligence and their background on the constitution, both of them working together will be nothing but moving towards the future.

The elastic clause is when the government can stretch out their power, and it has to be necessary and proper. The elastic clause is vital for the country because it will allow us to create laws best for the peoples interest.

Washington will get us out of debt by using a beneficial techniques that will help everyone as well as himself, like getting interest from a state bank, we will slowly start moving towards success.

Because of it's location, it's about the middle of the 13 colonies and it is surrounded my the Potomac river to create a barrier for protection.

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