Rocks: Can you smell what the earth is cooking?

This rock is Rock Salt, a Chemical Sedimentary Rock
This is an image of fragments cemented together in this rock formation.
This rock is coal, a Organic Sedimentary Rock

Sedimentary Rocks are a classification of rocks that are made up of other material. Some rocks are made up of fragments, these rocks are called Fragmental Sedimentary Rocks. Another type of sedimentary rocks are Chemical Sedimentary Rocks, these types of rocks are formed when water evaporates after settling leaving behind the rock. The final sedimentary rock type is Organic Sedimentary Rocks, these final rock type are the remains of living things like fossils, and skeletons.

This formation is old rocks built up into layers by pressure. Regional Metamorphic Rock
This rock has Contact Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic rocks are a mix of already existing rocks made by heat and pressure. One type of metamorphic rocks are Regional Metamorphic Rocks, rocks like this form from a large area deep inside the earth. The final type of metamorphic rock is Contact Metamorphic Rocks, these are formed by coming in contact with molten rock. Contact Metamorphic Rocks are made of crystals.

This rock has gas pockets making it Intrusive Igneous Rock.
This rock is a Extrusive Igneous Rock.

The final type of rock is Igneous Rocks. These types of rocks start out as magma and solidify. If the magma solidifies in the ocean then it is considered Extrusive Igneous Rock. If they solidify by air then it is a Intrusive Igneous Rock.

_Tools For Identifying Rocks_

* Magnifying Glass * Glass * Something to make a streak on * Reference Sheet

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