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Did you know that in 1999 a loud, ultra-low frequency sound was heard around various listening stations over 3106.856 miles apart? Some say it's an animal. Some say it’s a something else. The sound was only 1093.613 miles away from the fabled destroyer of world’s prison. But of course, they are so much out there. The underwater noise called the bloop has baffled scientists, and the mystery is still out there.

Theory 1

Many people believe that an icequake made the bloop. NOAA reasoned this. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, so basically it's that whatever goes wrong in the ocean they respond by investigating. Like Julia a sound that is confirmed an iceberg is scraping across the seafloor. Also, upsweep is another sound that sounds a lot like a creature but was also approved by NOAA to be not ice, but lava coming into contact with water. The noise could be a massive iceberg cracking. Like ice when you pour water in it. The thing is we have been here all this time, and so far nothing has come out to destroy a city. So goodbye Pacific Rim there isn’t any monster of the deep coming for us. That isn’t the tip of the iceberg all these sounds were caused by ice or ground related object. Also, icebergs can be bigger than blue whales. And can produce more sound it's like that ice cube in your drink just bigger a lot bigger. Now you can imagine what it would sound like also with a lot of outside layers it is possible that it does not crack until the middle of the ocean. Almost and exactly like a jawbreaker. The ice will have been floating for a while if that's the case, though the destroyer of worlds theory would have been a coincidence. I mean R'lyeh that's is a good name for a fake city. Why would it be a creature be there and why now. It seems that an icequake is way more believable. The internet has some very gullible people. If you post a picture of a caterpillar with some hat glued on and say, it’s a rare species called a hatmunculus. Some people will believe it. It’s that simple to trick people though some look pretty believable. Those people gain fame from that. The ice would be a more believable it also seems to calm the anxiety of paranoid people that wear those aluminum hats. The point is that this isn't an organic source. If it were, it would have been continuous and almost going on all the time. Also due to global warming, the ice of glaciers is starting to fall off making more ticking time bomb of noise. The ice would have to be enormous, though. All the bloop did be a historical icequake since the sound came from quite a distance. The range was massive on that icequake. NOAA doubts that it is a creature. It's just not believable. Like if you were in the middle of an eclipse and heard a loud screech would you think it's a creature no you would believe that it's scraping metal. That's how it is you understand you run because you think it was something trying to eat you. It was just an icequake chewed away in the water like a giant jawbreaker

Theory 2

Or is it NOAA is a government organization. Which means that they lie almost every government lies to the public. Only the smart people know that the government feed lies into the public. Which means that it could not be any different with the bloop. When it comes to creatures the government seems to lie a lot and hide a lot of information. Because let's say there has been a death raptor on the loose. This would cause the public to freak out and say it’s the end of the world. This is probably why. Although it doesn’t seem to well to hide things about otherworldly creatures. The public would get used to these creatures living in the world that are living alongside them. That would be nice to have and to know. But the bloop is an interesting topic since it deals with water creatures. There have been a lot of creatures from the ocean. From the Umibozu to Kraken to Jormungand. It was heard around south America. So you have to narrow down to southern creatures. Flying Mexico creatures will be included. The Yacumama might have been a variation of Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl is an Aztec god that was a primordial or creation god. Quetzalcoatl translates to feathered serpent. The Yacumama is a very large snake measuring up to 160 ft long. This a good suspect. Another suspect is bacteria. Bacteria sounds a bit crazy at first but read more and see why. Pearl beach is a beach that had something crazy going on one day. The citizens woke up to find that the beach had sea foam covering the entire beach. How did this happen? It happened by a storm churning the water somewhere near the beach. Turns out that water had bacteria that when churned made enzymes and chemicals that made seafoam. Now take a minute to search up pearl beach sea foam. I’ll wait Okay you're back. Now that you saw how much it is it's more believable, right. What if that is the same but with noise instead. That's just a theory on how it could have happened. I mean 95% of the ocean is unexplored and hundred of new species are being discovered every day.

What I believe

After much research on the topic of the bloop, I have concluded that I mostly agree with Theory #2. It sounds more believable. I mean search up the bloop noise right now and tell me that it sounds like an iceberg. Now tell me does it sound like it an iceberg or a creature releasing air. It could be a type of bacteria releasing air or something else. But, It would not have been an iceberg. Okay, read this remember to a time that you had a hot beverage and put an ice cube in it. Does it make a cracking noise? Yes, it does now try to imagine that times 200. It doesn’t fit the noise the bloop makes. Also, NOAA is an organization from the government the government lies to the public, because of the reason I stated above people will freak out. I don't find this useful because if you were trying to hid the species of fish called the arapaima this creature is very large. So someone goes fishing one day that person has caught a juvenile arapaima. The news of an “Alien fish found” goes out and everywhere. Now the government has 2 choices to eradicate the person that found it and say that he died from a poisonous plant, or say it's an arapaima and that's it's, not a new species and say it's always been there. This goes along all the other theories about other things. Such as area 51 you can see everything there because it’s pretty plain, but you can’t see underground the area. Or who killed JFK it could've been the government hiring to kill him.


The bloop is a noise coming deep from the ocean that has confused scientists all around the world. If this noise came from a creature, it could mean that we are lied to about the animals of the world. It could mean that there is more to the ocean than fish and whales. It could mean that there is an entire world out there that has been hidden and lied about. If the bloop is a vocalization of a creature, there might be a hidden world that we don't even think about. So if you were down in the ocean and heard the vocalization what would you believe?

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