Grease Presentation by: Cat Bishop, Axiel Aispuro, Elizabeth Hampton, AND kayla Ingram

Danny Zuko: Portrayed by John Travolta. He is a Tenor and his high is b4 and his low is d3. Danny Zuko is popular, Charming, and a player. Here is an example of his singing:
Sandy is portrayed by Olivia Newton-John. Her character is know as sweet, pure, and wholesome. Her voice range is a soprano with a high of f#5/g b 5 and a low of A3. Here is an example of her singing:
Betty Rizzo or 'Rizzo' is portrayed by Stockard Channing. She is also a player, sarcastic, and tough. Her voice ranges from A-C. Here is an example of her singing:
Frenchy is portrayed by Didi Conn in the original film. Her voice ranges from Mezzo-Soprano. Her character is known as fun, bubbly, and friendly. Here is a video of her singing. (backround)
Jan is portrayed by Jamie Donnelly. Jan is an alto and her high note is c5 and her low note is a3 Her character is known as funny, loud, and food obsessed. Here is Jan singing
Kenickie is portrayed by Jeff Conaway. Kenickie is tough-looking, second in command to the t-birds and an offbeat sense of humor. His vocal range is a D-F and he sings in summer nights

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