You may be wondering where i have been an why i am just writing u this letter let me tell you my story of what happend this last 10 years.

Me and my men went to Ismarus. While we were there they made ourselves at home an ate their food. I was trying to tell my men it was time to go because knew something bad would happen. But my men did not listen. When they were eating, the citizens alerted the Cicones. Once the Cicones heard they attacked us and i lost a lot of men.

After me and my men left we stopped by an island. Once the ship landed i told a couple of my men to explore to see what was on the island. The men were gone for a long time and then i found my eating the lotus flower. This flower makes you forget what you were doing an make you loose track of time. When i found the men took them an carried them back to the ship.

The next island we went to we went into a cave not knowing who owned it. While we were eating we heard a loud noise. Then the cyclops walked in and put a boulder of the exit none of the men could move. When The monster walked over to us he took two of my men and ate him. This was the most insane monster most men would be to scared to think bu t you know me i thought i a great idea. I gave the monster a lot of wine to get him drunk once he fell asleep we took a giant sharp stick and stabbed him in the eye. This blinded the monster and he moved the boulder and we got out.

The next stop we made i went on an adventure and you wont believe who i found. I found the god of wind. I had a very interesting conversation with him. Who knew i would see him. After we were done talking he gave me a bag of wind that would take us back to Ithaca. I didn't tell my men what was in the bag worrying they wouldn't believe me an open it. But my men betrayed me and went against my orders and open the bag up causing a huge storm blowing us away from Ithaca.

The laestrygonians were giant cannibals ruled by there evil leader antiphates. Once we landed i sent out some of my scouts and they didn't return. Then me an my other men went out to see what happen when we say them eating my scouts. Monsters they were. No one should have to see that. Once we saw what they were doing i ordered my men to get back to the ships and while we were running back they through boulders at us and our ships only 1 boat didn't get hit.

The next stop we made was to another island. When we got there me an my men went to go look for food. They were gone for to long of a time so i went to go look for them. They were drugged by a which and they were turned into animals. Hermes one of the gods went to help me and gave me a special herb to protect me from spell. Once she met her match she let my men go but we lost track of time an stayed there for many seasons.

The next stop i had to go to the land of the dead to see how my journey would turn out. It was very horrific in there. When i got in i was surrounded by many different souls. I had to sacrifice him a sheep and he didn't tell me good news.

Once we get back on my ship i got information telling us that we were going to pass sirens. I gave my men wax to put in there ears to block out there voice. If any mortal hears their voices you will stay there an forget everything an eventually die. I wanted to hear their voices so i told my men to tie me up and don't let me leave an if i struggle tie me up even more.

Me and my men were in the ocean an i had to make a choice. To go either 2 ways one way was to get swallowed by a water monster an only i would survive. The other monster was a six headed monster who would eat 1 person for each head. I mad the choice to sacrifice the 6 men so the rest could survive. It was a horrific monster an we were lucky that it didn't kill us all.

The next stop we made was at thrinakia. When me an my men got there we were starving and had to stay until the storm passed. On the island there were many immortal cattle that if you ate you would die. I told my men this but they didn't listen and ate the cattle and died.

One of the last stops i made was to calypso island. When i was there she made me loose track of time. You should have seen it there the smell the feeling it was amazing there it was there. But finally Zeus told her to let me go. She gave me a ship and food. When we were leaving she tried to trick me to stay but i am to smart to fall for that so then i left.

The last stop i made before i went to Ithaca was Phaeacia. While i was there they feed me and in return i told them my story. They treated me well an they even gave me a ride to Ithaca. They were the highlight of my trip.

You may be wondering why i didn't see you right away when i got to ithica. I did it for my safety. When i got there so many things have changed and the suters were trashing my house so i had to do something about it. I got them in one room and me an our son killed them. If i didnt do this they would have trashed our house and would have most likely killed our son. So thats were i have been an i will see you soon.

Love Odysseus

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