Exotic Silver Tail By jamie Ruggiero

The name of my creature is an Exotic Silver Tail. I created this name to identify with the fact that it is originated from a foreign county and their are very few on the Atlantic coast. This type of fish is very unusual and rare to find but it is an eye-catching and ordinary fish. Scientist might call it "Plata Cola" it is latin and short for silver tail. Many might also call it Stego fish because it has the physical traits of a Stegosaurus dinosaur.

Exotic Silver tails live in the Neritic Zone. This zone could also be known as the pelagic Zone or the Euphoric Zone. The Exotic Silver tail lives in this zone for multiple factors. One being that sunlight penetrates throughout the entire zone. The Exotic Silver tail enjoys the beating sun because not only does it keep him warm but he also needs this factor to use as a defense mechanism. They also live in this zone for the many nutrients, the amount of oxygen, and the low pressure. The habitat for silver tails are coral reefs. This is also a reason why they live in the neritc zone. Coral reefs are only located in this zone. They can easily blend and camouflage with some coral. They use this for protection.

The Neritic Zone

The Exotic Silver tail has many traits and characteristics. One such that it is a shimmering silver fish with turquiose blue spots on its body. Another is that is has pectoral fins and a caudal fin. The exotic Silver Tail also has tiny dorsal fins that kinda make him look like a stegosaurus dinosaur. This is why The exotic silver tail is some decent from the dinosaurs. Some may call it stego fish due to this trait. The way they adapt to life in the ocean is by their shimming silver color. This helps them to adapt to the environment by helping them confuse predators and their pattern also helps them blend with their coral reef habitats.

Stegosaurus Dinosaur
Fish anatomy

The locomotion of the Exotic Silver Fish is quite simple. They use their Caudal fin as their main source of movement. Since they use their "tail" or caudal fin for their movement this is why the word tail is in their species name. The caudal fins purpose is for fast movement this fin gives them the power to swim. This determines how fast or slow a fish swims. Exotic Silver Tails can swim for long distances and at high speeds. However they do use their pectoral fins as another source if movement. These pectoral fins are mainly for balancing, gliding and stopping.

This is example of a clown fish showing its pectoral fins, dorsal fin, and caudal fin.

Their breathing techniques are like most fishes, they only use gills to breathe. This consist of water flowing through their mouth for oxygen to flow and then enters their blood stream.

The Exotic Silver Tail eats crustaceans such as shrimp and krill. They also enjoy eating plankton and sea urchins.


Unlike most fish the reproduction process for Silver Tails is polar opposite then usual. In this species the female is the most dominant. Males in this case are less dominant. The female Silver Tails choose their mate. They make their territory known on the male silver tail by swimming a full two circles around the male. The male has no choice but to become a mate with the female. When the female believes the time is right she will reproduce. Because female Silver Tails are the more dominant fish this leads us to believe there are more female Silver Tails populated then the males. Normally it is the other way around for fish. You can identity the two through the blue spots on their bodies. Female silver tails have far more spots then males. It is quite easy to identify the gender between the two.

I just thought this was a cute picture of two fish kissing ;)

The defense strategies for the silver tail are really cool. One is through their shinny silver scales. Since Silver Tails are in the neritic zone this leads us to realize that there is a lot of sunlight shinning through the ocean water. This really helps the Silver Tail out. Because of the silver scales they cause a distraction to many predators that may come along the way. This is because the sunlight reflects on their scales causing the silver to shimmer even more then it already does. This confuses the predators making them try and avoid the shinning silver animal. That is one defense strategy they hold closely. Another strategy is camouflage. Also because they live in the neritic zone, coral reefs are everywhere. They use these frequently for habitat and defense. They dont usually use this as their first result for defense but it is used. They lean up against the coral and blend in. This is useful due to their blue spots. Coral is brightly colored and they can be easily mistaken for part of the coral.

The Silver Tail is known as a Nekton. This means it is an aquatic animal that is able to swim and move independently through the ocean currents.

Finding Nemo is filled with a list of Nekton animals :)

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