Passenger Presentation by abigail wolfe


Alexandra Bracken

Abigail Wolfe

Grade 8 Period 7

April 10


Bhutan 1910

New York City 2016

The Atlantic 1776

New York City 1776

London 1940

Angkor 1685

Paris 1880

Damascus 1599


A very adventurous and enduring tone.

Main Characters

Etta (Henrietta) Spencer- Her mother was working under the Ironwoods, her mother stole an astrobale, and left clues for Etta to find it, the grandfather of the Ironwood family wants it back so he abducts Etta, then sends her after the astrobale

Nicholas Carter- freed slave, co-captain of a ship in 1776, now working for the Ironwoods, is assigned to report what Etta does to the grandfather Ironwood and Ironwood threatens his freedom, but develops feeling for her


Man vs Self: Nicholas questions his morals in this book, his home time treated him like a slave due to his skin color, being in World War II London is very difficult for him because he thinks everyone still believes him to be a slave, and other time periods where their morals are different from his time's morals.

Man vs. Man: Etta faces difficulty traveling through history because she is a woman, but the time she comes from (2016) makes her more determined, and doesn't shut her down.


My favorite quote from this book is, ""Well," Etta said weakly, "she's always told me a good challenge builds character."

"Then we'll have an excess of it," he said dryly.""

This line was said when Etta and Nicholas were running from a bomb raid in Paris, and this quote illustrates how little happiness they felt towards Rose, Etta's mother, and their attitude towards the assignment of finding the astrobale.


Despite where you begin, or where you come from, your challenges may be the same.

Plot Summary

F Nicholas accidentally lets someone die during a travel to Vhutan, and Etta is thrust into the travelers world.

Etta meets Nick on his ship while he's transporting her to New York, to Ironwood.

Ironwood sends them on an unreasonably hard quest to find the astrobale that Etta's mother, Rose, stole 20 years before.


(Missed Deadlines by AquaSixio on DeviantArt)

This picture depicts the story because the whole story is about traveling through the different times and experiencing the different morals of people, and in the novel it explains the whole time traveling concept, but they state that there are passages that haven't been mapped, haven't been discovered, and have maybe even collapsed, and it's a very complex concept that makes sense if you think about it, but is still very difficult to understand.


Bracken Alexandra


New York, New York 10023

Hyperion, 2016

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