Opposites attract The tale of the carrot and the banana

A long long time ago....

...a sweet little carrot grew up with all her siblings in the garden plot. She didn't know much about the world. Sometimes the gardener came, in his big green rubber boots. He poured water into the soil and gently removed weed around them.

They grew and grew...

What do you think will happen to us in the future? they asked each other.

- Well, I dream of lying on display on a Farmer's Market with pretty signs, and being sold at a high prize, said Marni.

- I want to be in a vegan macrobiotic raw food dish. said Mandy.

- I will pair up with a hearty onion in a stew and feed a whole bunch of kids, said Christie. She always had been more down-to-earth.

- But I dream of something else, said Caroline, our little carrot. I want to meet someone from a higher level. I'm tired of dirt and soil. There must be something more elevated!

- Just think of these high trees, stretching to the sky!

And she dreamed of foreign places and exotic strangers.

Her sisters laughed at her. - What do you mean? they said, Have you even met someone from an exotic country!? You know very well who you fit together with! Why are you complaining? There are plenty of wonderful choices!

- Oh, well, Caroline sighed. Maybe you're right...
But suddenly a stranger showed up.

He had traveled for many days from an exotic country far far away.

Amazing! So handsome!

He was so sleek on the outside in his beautiful yellow suit. But on the inside he was sweet and soft.

Oh My God!

He's the One!

And they lived happily together for the rest of their short lives.

Carrots and bananas go together well, after all...
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Maria Gronlund

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