Dark Days Ahead(?) For D.O.E By Jason lee


There has been a troubling news for those who believe in Climate Change and see it as one of the biggest issues that our generation faces as the transition team of the president-elect Donald Trump has circulated a list of questionnaire for the employees of Energy Department to answer. One cannot help but notice the target precision as the questions are specifically modeled out to single out those who have worked in the areas regarding climate change and its reports. The most notable questions from the questionnaire seek out to find if the workers of D.O.E (Department of Energy) have attended the climate change policy conferences. Even with former transition leader McKenna reassuring that there is nothing amiss with the questions and the rights of the transition team to ask those questions, one cannot help but wonder about the motivation behind asking those questions and the results the answers would bring regarding the president-elect's stance on climate change. Other questions from the list also revealed the transition team's focus on nuclear energy and its commercialization, hinting at the direction of the path the nation will take regarding energy for the oncoming 4 years


Knowing what Trump has professed through out his campaign when asked about his stance on Climate Change and his planned policies, or the lack thereof, regarding Climate Change, I found this news extremely unsettling and troubling.

If this news serves to further cement us to the direction we are headed for the next 4 years under Trump's presidency, one can only assume what he and his transition team will decide to do with the survey participants who have answered yes to attending the conferences. It is with fervent hope it will not end in what our feelings tell us as implied by Jonathan Levy, a former deputy chief of staff of the Energy Department in the Obama administration, when he says in his quote, "The thing that’s unsettling are the questions that appear to be targeting personnel for doing public service.” It is with sincere hope that these concerns are only wild speculations that will turn out to be erroneous. The most troubling fact, however, is the prospect that this crucial step made by the Trump transition team will go by quietly, unnoticed by the public scrutiny without the attention from the media it needs. Climate change is believed to be a fraud despite overwhelming consensus by the scientific community arguing for the legitimacy of Climate Change with supporting facts from their numerous researches, recognizing it as a global phenomena that needs to be dealt with in order to reduce the detrimental consequences it will have on earth and us, the human society, on it.

Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal.

- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

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