Transfer & Retain

After listening to Andrew's podcast and reading this week's reading it seems as though the admissions process for transfer students can be a little tricky. Initially, I did not understand the point of looking at high school records when admitting a transfer student. However, as Andrew explained, oftentimes transfer students are coming to colleges or universities with very few credits. That said there is not enough college performance data.

On the other hand, retaining transfer students and ensuring that they are successful after transferring is the responsibility of the university. Glass & Harrington (2010) research proved that transfer students, that from a Community College, GPAs drop within the first semester of the entering into a 4-year college. Glass & Harrington (2010) also mention that only 64% of transfer students actually complete their Bachelor degree program. Personally, I think in some cases community colleges may not prepare students for 4-year institutions, however, I also feel that the college or university should be prepared to support transfer students. For example offering academic support programs, as well as, mentor programs for peer-to-peer support, and special orientation programs. These are ways that institutions can ensure the success of transfer students.

Townsend & Wilson (2006) mention the intricate application and transfer process for transfer students. It is important that colleges and universities simplify this process and include as much support as possible in this area too. The act of transferring is already an intimidating process for students, especially those coming from a community college and going to a 4-year institution. Colleges and universities should ensure they are helping students through the process.

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