Caring for Your Soul A Look ahead: Lent 2017

Fast: When we fill our lives with obligations, relationships, or ways of thinking that distracts us from focusing on Jesus, we are less able to experience life to its fullest. This week challenges you to create space in your life for the full life Jesus came to give us.

Pray: Prayer can seem mysterious, either because of doubts about the ability of prayer or because it’s difficult to incorporate prayer into daily life. The challenge for week 2 is make time in your day to read and pray the Lord’s Prayer, then to create your own prayer based on the model of the Lord’s Prayer.

Give: When we give of ourselves by using the gifts God has given us to serve others, we are able to uniquely worship God. This week challenges you to explore your gifts and talents and then creatively use those to serve those around you.

Thank: Thankfulness is more than an expression; it is an attitude of life. When we are thankful we are better able to experience blessings in our lives. The challenge for this week is to thank someone in your life who has expressed God’s goodness to you. This week also challenges you to express God’s goodness to others in your life.

Serve: God values everyone equally and immensely. When we express this to each other we are experiencing life with more love. This wee challenges you to think critically about how your actions value others

Reflect: Living a full life requires change. During this week, we will reflect on each of the previous weeks, what we have learned, and how we will recommit ourselves to those actions, even after this journey is over.

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