Maya's Photography Portfolio 2018-2019

Hello! My name is Maya an aspiring photographer in high school. I knew I loved photography when I took my first class in 10th grade, I found that you can really capture a moment in time. It's the only way to show people how you see the world itself and that's an amazing thing. I'm really in love with the timelessness of film photography and I would love to find a way to bring together the digital and film world to create photography for all audiences. My dream would be to be a professional photographer and possibly work freelance. I would also like to delve into photojournalism.
Ugly location. For this shoot I chose to shoot in a parking garage. This isn’t seen as a typically appealing place to take pictures. Some people like to use the tops of parking structures to get good view in the background, however I shot inside the structure. This made it harder to get good natural light and a good background. Because of this I used a higher ISO, 400. I made sure to crop in tighter and use a lower aperture F/2. If I were to shoot this again I would try to be more creative with my background and use it rather than try to eliminate it with a shallow depth of field. I was very happy with the angle and natural feeling of the person picture.
For this photo I reused my food photography shot and added this photoshop technique to it to add a more graphic appearing design. I used another photo underneath the layer mask to make something a little abstract. I used a lot more photoshop on this picture than I do most so I learned more about layers and masks. I typically don’t use a lot of photoshop on images and try to do more in camera if possible but this was a great way to learn more. There are definitely some things I would change if I were to remake the image but I’m am generally happy with how it turned out. My settings were the same as the original picture.
Reflections shoot. For this photoshoot we were meant to shoot reflections of light however I interpreted it differently. I initially wanted to shoot an illusion shot where the mirror was used to create vacant space on the subject to look like you can see that rough them. After multiple angles I realized I would rather stick with my regular portraiture and shot that through a reflection. The shoot didn’t go exactly how I wanted. It was later in the day which meant I needed a higher ISO and since my camera doesn’t handle high ISO I got a noisier and more grainy photograph. My composition was also lacking quite a bit. The angle was good but there could’ve been a smarter crop, taking out the green grass on the left of the image. I used an ISO 800 a 1/100 shutter speed and an F/2 aperture.
For this photo we needed to protect the highlights. I decided to shoot a photo of my sister while the sun was going down to create harsh shadows and highlights. I needed to expose for the highlights to make sure I kept all of my information. By doing this I had to underexpose for some of the other parts of the photo. Overall I’m really proud of the photo and the composition. I shot with an F5.6 aperture a 100 ISO and a 1/250 shutter speed
I was very excited for this food photography shoot. I love to cook and I was so excited to attempt to shoot like my favorited magazine photographers. I learned a lot about crop and using your photos for media so If I were to shoot again or re-edit I would change the crop to a more accessible size. I shot near a window and used an I phone flashlight to help fill. I used my windowsill in the kitchen to create a minimal background. I shot with an ISO 300 a 1/100 shutter speed and a F4
HDR Shoot. During this shoot, we needed to learn the photo technique HDR through photoshop and in camera techniques. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. Dynamic Range is the ratio between the maximum and minimum light intensities. You had to take three separate photos and merge them together in photoshop. I decided to shoot a pair of boots on my deck outside. Typically I wouldn’t see anything that extraordinary in a photo like this but with the HDR it added a lot more visual interest to the photo. My settings were iso 100 F/stop 4 and a 1/160 shutter speed
For this photoshoot I was really inspired by a photographer Karel Chladek. He shot a lot of portraits in clubs and places where it’s foggy and there’s color everywhere. Since I’m too young to take pictures at a club I decided to mimick the look by adding a color gradient. I added a green gradient in photoshop that was a diamond shape to mimick a spotlight. I shot from below to create an interesting composition and I used a very low aperture F1.8 to add a more pronounced foreground and background. I also used her hands to frame her face. I shot with a 1/100 shutter speed. I also used an ISO 400

This was one of my favorite shoots to do. I went into the city and quickly realized that taking pictures of people on the street was not as discreet or natural as I thought it would be. I got very shy taking pictures of people on the street which has never really happened to me. Typically when I’m shooting is when i’m most comfortable. This was not the case with this assignment. I became very aware of how much my camera settings brought attention to me taking a picture. Like my focus light that typically is very helpful was now a nuisance. And my shutter now sounded louder than ever and I finally realized the appeal of a leaf shutter. I actually went into camera to change those things and once I did I felt way more comfortable. I realized it was much easier for me to take photos out of the window of a car because it was fleeting. There wasn’t the awkwardness of needing to walk past the person after I took their picture. I’m planning on investing in a new camera for everyday shooting and it’s shutter sound and discreetness will need to be something I keep in mind if I plan on continuing street photography. My Iso was 100, my aperture was f2.2 and my shutter was 1/1600

I was very proud of this photo, much more than I had been in a while. The few weeks before this I was in a creative rut. Only shooting strictly to get a grade, I felt like I was losing passion and then this came along. I was so excited to get an amazing picture when this was assigned and I wanted to have a really creative idea. I decided to use the light of the cars wizzing by Michigan Ave. I was lucky enough to catch the semi truck and the lights to create a really interesting image. I realized that sometimes you need to let go of the control when your in a rut. I kept trying to control each aspect of every shoot and it was destroying my creativity. I needed to be able to leave part of it to chance to allow myself to create something new. My iso was 200 my aperture was f11 and my shutter was 0.8 of a second

This photoshoot was all about the photographer as the subject. I think as photographers we tend to have a hard time in front of the camera because it makes it harder to completely control the photograph. Most of us are used to staying strictly behind the camera and being forced to be in front of it can make some people feel vulnerable. I think it’s very important to do this from time to time to have a better understanding of what your subjects go through each shoot. Doing these gives you a better understanding of being in the subjects shoes and will make you a better photographer. This photo was harder for me to take than most, being that I’m not the most comfortable in front of camera and it made it harder to control every aspect of the shoot. Most of it was trial and error but I think I created a photo with good emotion. I do wish I would’ve changed the background slightly to make it less distracting. However overall I’m very happy with the image as well as the shoot itself forcing me to step outside of my comfort zone. My iso was 100, my aperture was f1.8, and my shutter was 1/80

This photoshoot taught me a lot about people and how they portray emotion and how to capture such an elusive thing for some people. I realized how differently people addressed their emotions or how differently they liked to portray their emotions to other people. Inspired by the photographer sarah Bahbah, I wanted to get to know my models more than just a subject. Although I knew my models really well I still needed to interview them to get them to the point where they would be comfortable with sharing part of their personality. A part that they typically either don't show or don't like to show. I did struggle, I had to deal with a model that didn't want to get in touch with those emotions and that shoot ended up a bust. However This photo was a real success in my opinion.

This photoshoot was a really uplifting one for me because I felt like I finally was starting to create good content again. The sports photoshoot really made me doubt my photography skills because i was just so discouraged by how the photos turned out. I was getting lazy with my photos and I wasn't doing my best job. This was the first photoshoot in a while that went exactly how i wanted it. I really wanted to capture a bright youthful feeling for my sisters headshot and I really think that with my use of lighting and the rule of thirds that I accomplished my goal my aperture was f/2.5, my iso was 100 and my shutter was 1/160

I decided to use the natural nature theme with portraiture of my sister. I chose to do minimal editing only to enhance colors or get rid of distractors but I wanted to keep it natural. ISO 200 F/2.8 Shutter 1/500
I decided to shoot stills this week because I haven't worked with them in a while. I'm used to portraiture and being able to adjust the emotion and feeling of a photo by adjusting the person so it was far more difficult for me to create emotion with something lifeless. F2 160 shutter 500ISO
I didn't realize until after I edited this photo what this looks like. Almost a political statement. A love is love campaign. It's strange bc when I took the picture I just saw it as my parents holding hands. Photography can be a really interesting and introspective thing to do. A photograph can be so personal with what it means to each person and that's the beauty in it. F1.2 shutter 100 iso 100
This what a photojournalistic style photo where it was more about capturing a quick moment in life to tell a story, rather than carefully craft a perfect image. The story is of a little boy believing he is a super hero. You can tell by the look on his face how he is embodying a super hero. I do believe I could've edited differently, I made the mid tones too dark. F1.8/ Shutter 260 ISO 100
Animal portraits, I believe, are all about texture. Not all animals can convey a lot of emotion in their faces. It's very important to get crisp and eye catching texture. This is why I chose to focus on the snout rather than the eyes. You can see the texture of his nose and the water on his mouth. I shot with a F1.8 and a 100 shutter speed and a 400 ISO
This was a portrait I did of my sister. I really loved the light on her face and how it brought out her features. Her neck was in shadows so it also brought more attention to her face. I changed the colors or the leaves. I shot with an ISO 100 a 1/1600 shutter and a 1.8 aperture.
How athiest view religion 400 ISO F1.8 1/80
Glutton for fame 800 ISO F2.5 1/200
Moira the Witch
Bella Patel Moode Mag 500 ISO F2.5 1/200
Dylan Williams Moode Mag ISO 500 F1.8 1/100
Kayla Williams Moode Mag 160 ISO F2.5 1/2500
Brionna Williams Moode Mag 100 f/2.5 1/200
Perceptions shoot 640 ISO F2.0 1/60th