Cheetahs weigh an average of 83-145lbs and are 32 inches tall. Cheetahs prefer to live in open grasslands, savannahs and dense vegetation. The grasslands help the Cheetahs hunt because they run and stalk their prey and then pounce on the prey. There are only ten thousand Cheetahs left in the wild ; they mostly live in Africa and small places in Asia.

Cheetahs have a diet of Gazelles, Wildebeest Calves, Impalas and smaller hoofed animals in its habitat. Furthermore, Cheetahs may eat Rabbits, Birds, Hares, Antelopes and Warthogs. They hunt at 110-120 km; that's why they're so dangerous!!!!!!

Watch out if you see a wild Cheetah!!!!!!!


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