The Killer's Cousin by:breanna HalL

David Bernard Yaffe, a young adult who recently turned 18 was struggling to find his place in Baltimore. After many accusations of him killing his girlfriend which went by the name of Emily. David had two parents who loved him but didn't want to have anything to do with him after hearing the true story behind Emily's death, so they sent him away.

While packing up 18 years of his life from Baltimore he was sent away by his parents to start a new year in Cambridge, Massachusetts. David Yaffe was new at the private prep school but he wasn't new to senior year and this was his second time trying to complete his final year of high school.

After being new to a school he was also new to a family which included his Aunt Julia, Uncle Vic, his cousin Kathy who has recently passed and his youngest cousin lily who he hasn't seen since she was born. Upon the arrival of David it is very clear that he is unwelcome to their home.

He walked into a Triple decker apartment and located at the very top was an attic which he would call his room for the next year. This small attic included a bed, small bathroom, and a kitchen off to the side. This room stood out to him as soon as he arrived noticing it was once Kathy's (His older cousin) room. It was still decorated just the way she left it. Many days, and nights pass and David starts to hear hums from his cousin and even talks to her telling her to "Help lilly."

Each night the family of now four would sit down for a dinner prepared by his Aunt Julia. While they continue to eat all you heard was the sound of a fork hitting a plate.

By avoiding many awkward dinners, David started to bring his Aunt Julia her favorite flower which happened to be a sunflower. David walked home from school each day passing a sunflower field so picked up a handful and delivered them during dinner.

Lilly always came off as a weird child to David. As months went by he caught her spying on his every move. Lilly became very angry with David and he started to become more involved in her family life. Lilly began playing tricks on David each day. David finally said something to her father by telling him "Lilly needs help serious help."

While looking through Kathy's old room he found a scrapbook. David hadn't seen Kathy in many year but it was almost as if he did. The scrapbook showed Kathy grown from a newborn to the day she died. Lily was spying on David when she ran in grabbed the book and pulled it close yelling at him "GO AWAY" after this David realized something was seriously wrong

After the scrapbook incident david could not take it anymore and had his uncle Vic call his father. His father arrived and it was almost as if he was never sent away. They stopped at a hotel for the night when David heard kathys voice "Help Lilly help Lilly." David gets up runs all the way to the Triple decker apartment finding it in flames. David made his way into the apartment finding Lilly in the same bath tub her sister past away in. David held her and Lilly said "it should have be me."

After learning shooting news Lilly and David both wake up in the hospital. Davids Aunt and Uncle would not allow them to see each other. After leaving the hospital david finished his senior year in high school and stayed leaving in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he eventually ran into his youngest cousin Lilly again.

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